The Irrepressible Glen Johnson

Tough GuysAt the top of the Light-Heavyweight division; old is the new young. I cannot think of another era or weight class in which so many ageing fighters remain in control of the paydays and belts. Not even the moribund heavyweight division can match the 175 pounders for supporting the elderly. I’m reminded of the old eighties buddy flick ‘Tough Guys’; a film in which two vintage gangsters; Bert Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, are released from prison to discover they could still out think, out hustle and out punch their modern day counterparts.

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Warren and ITV both holding their nerve

Warren2Even in these multi-channel, multi-media times the importance of terrestrial television to the future health of boxing in the UK cannot be underestimated. Sure, boxing survived a long period in the satellite wilderness in the nineties, but with so many exciting fighters currently competing; Hatton, Witter, Calzaghe, Haye, Woods, Froch and Moore it would be a great travesty were their immediate futures consigned to the marginal world of Satellite only viewing.

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Holyfield Beats Italian Meatball Savarese

LouSThe headline is cruel. And it’s cruel on two levels, firstly because Big Lou was a vegetarian for a number of years and secondly because it demeans the effort Savarese put forth throughout his career and did once more last weekend. But that said, Holyfield’s victory proved nothing to the interested observer and less to his detractors; Holyfield would always be quicker to the punch than the ponderous Savarese and in his 41 year old opponent he found a foe even more rusty than himself. So why am I still nurturing the first shoots of belief in Evander’s quest for another portion of the heavyweight title? Nostalgia? Apathy with the current crop of champions?

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Hatton – Ten Days On

hATTONVcASTILLOA brief sabbatical denied me opportunity to opine on the Ricky Hatton v Jose Luis Castillo bout, but those with whom I debate the boxing issues of the day on the various boxing forums will know I fancied Hatton to demolish Castillo early from the day the bout was signed. I’m aware this whiffs of convenient revisionism but the evidence is there in black and white (or whatever background colour the site in question defaults to).

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Happy Days – Haye to Face Mormeck

Jean-MarcOK, so big-punching David Haye couldn’t crack Ismael Abdoul and true he was decked by Super-Middleweight Lolenga Mock but despite those apparent limitations he remains a crucial piece of the British Boxing jigsaw. In fact, his importance could reach further. Boxing needs a charismatic, heavy handed heavyweight contender. Haye is one of a precariously short list of applicants for that role. Only Alexander Povetkin ranks ahead of him as a heavyweight youngster with punch power. The difference with Haye? He has obligations at 200 pounds to fulfil first.

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In the footsteps of Dodson

GlovesThe fact aspiring Light-Middleweight Jamie Moore is unable to fulfil his match with the magnificently named VinGlovescent Vuma due to a viral infection is undoubtedly frustrating. The Salford banger is on the cusp of a world-title shot and any interruption to his upward momentum is laden with risk. At 28, with a series of wars behind him, Moore cannot afford wasted time. However, his enforced absence provides an opportunity for raw British contender Mark Thompson to leap into the consciousness of the British fight public. Continue reading “In the footsteps of Dodson”

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