The Bobby Gunn Saga Continues

BobbybeatsholcombeFor readers focused on more meaningful global events, the Bobby Gunn saga has been little more than a frivolous distraction – to some it has become an escape from the pedestrian, a welcome splash of tabascon intrigue in an otherwise mundane pork chop of a summer. For those huddling together to hear if there are further installments, I’m delighted to report another chapter or two has been added. Continue reading “The Bobby Gunn Saga Continues”

Oh Danny Boy! Green Stops Griffin in 3.

AustraliaAustraliaWorld Light-Heavyweight contender Danny Green took a step closer to a world-title shot with a third round TKO victory over Otis Griffin. The 34 year old from Perth joins the list of potential foes for Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, Clinton Woods et al but could, theoretically also figure in the future of Joe Calzaghe – a fighter set to step up to the 175 pound class once he’s overcome fellow Super-Middleweight titlist Mikkel Kessler. It’s unlikely but Calzaghe will be a Light-Heavyweight cheque every contender would like to cash.

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A voice from the past: Derrick Gainer

GainerTo me at least, and perhaps all boxing fans of certain age, Derrick Gainer is one of those guys Prince Naseem never got around to knocking out. I’m sure that doesn’t truly define him as a fighter, a cursory check confirms his status as a former WBA champion. But the fact he never faced the Prince, whether it was his fault or Hamed’s is my frame of reference for ‘Smoke’s career thus far. Oh, and I think he once lasted twelve rounds in a title bout without an offensive move. I’m less sure on the latter, as I may be mistaking him for Freddie Norwood. That’s the trouble with multiple belts; so many ‘champions’ fail to register in my consciousness.

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