Holcomb Squeezes Gunn’s Trigger

Bobby Gunn4The self-sustaining Bobby Gunn saga continues. Jeff Holcomb, the fighter reported to have been left in a pool of his own blood by Bobby Gunn (according to Gunn at least), is pursuing the 33 year old from Hackensack for a rematch. And the tension between the two American club fighters is growing. In the latest installment Holcomb 11-5-1 (5) continues to suggest that Gunn is both a liar and avoiding his clamour for a rematch. 

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Archive: Sometimes Winning is Just The Beginning


It’s hard to believe three years have already elapsed since I interviewed Bobby Vanzie for the second time – the first being shortly before his destruction of Anthony Maynard. Occasionally, the language may seem more contrived than you would anticipate but Bobby preferred to consider some of his responses and respond via email as opposed to in person. In the time that has passed, I’ve grown to regard the retired former British and Commonwealth champion as a friend. But interviewing him back in 2004 remains a great thrill.

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Oquendo and Castillo Meet At The Crossroads

Fast FresFast FresAlong with the word ‘legend’ or ‘legendary’, ‘crossroads’ – and more specifically ‘crossroads bout’  – must be one of the most abused and over-used terms in boxing parlance but in the case of veteran heavyweights Elieser Castillo and Fres Oquendo the descriptive fits, and fits snugly. I first saw Castillo when tackling tall and rugged Russian Alexander Zolkin and Oquendo in contentious victory over Maurice Harris. From those innocuous points I’ve taken an interest in their development. Continue reading “Oquendo and Castillo Meet At The Crossroads”

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