Carousing Couser Stuns Barrett

CouserAs a fan and writer with a long standing love-hate relationship with professional journeyman I was delighted to see veteran warhorse Cliff Couser deliver the victory and performance of his career by knocking out Monte Barrett – a previously sturdy and pedigree heavyweight. OK, so pedigree affords him more gravitas than his career merited but you catch the drift. Couser is a professional loser, that’s his job, his mandate. But something went horribly right on Friday. Continue reading “Carousing Couser Stuns Barrett”

Molitor Cocktail

Canadian FlagCanadian FlagI was delighted to hear that the promoter of Canada’s undiscovered gem Steve Molitor, plans to project the accomplished IBF Super-Bantamweight to the world. And even more interesting is the unfamiliar twist on the traditional promotional path they’re planning. His next defence, presuming he beats Ndluvo at the weekend, will be held in the war-torn wilds of Afghanistan in front of the brave Canadian troops currently deployed there. Molitor, the nation’s hero, is the aspiration. “Wrapping the kid in the flag”, summarises promoter Allan Tremblay in conversation with the Toronto Sun. Building his Canadian fanbase is they key to building Molitor as an exportable brand. Continue reading “Molitor Cocktail”

ITV and Warren Reach Agreement

AmirKhanAmirKhanITV’s schedule for Saturday night suggests the network and Sports Network, Frank Warren’s promotional company, has finally reached at least a short term agreement. Following weeks of debate on various boxing forums and presumably hours of negotiation between the two sides it is a relief for British boxing in general that Saturday’s bill will be widely available to the British public. Continue reading “ITV and Warren Reach Agreement”

Taylor Needs a New Suit

TaylorMiddleweight champion Jermaine Taylor is looking likely to move up in weight to the Super-Middleweight division, and dependent on opportunities one could assume he could yet jump straight to the Light-Heavyweight division where a host of beatable veterans presently reside. The most obvious outcome of the move is, of course, the much discussed clash with Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe destroys him if the fight comes off. There I said it. Continue reading “Taylor Needs a New Suit”

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