Holyfield Beats Italian Meatball Savarese

LouSThe headline is cruel. And it’s cruel on two levels, firstly because Big Lou was a vegetarian for a number of years and secondly because it demeans the effort Savarese put forth throughout his career and did once more last weekend. But that said, Holyfield’s victory proved nothing to the interested observer and less to his detractors; Holyfield would always be quicker to the punch than the ponderous Savarese and in his 41 year old opponent he found a foe even more rusty than himself. So why am I still nurturing the first shoots of belief in Evander’s quest for another portion of the heavyweight title? Nostalgia? Apathy with the current crop of champions?

Everyone loves an underdog and I’m no different. One way or another Evander Holyfield has been the underdog throughout much of his celebrated career and now his quest, previously derided as delusional has begun to attract empathy and respect. Here is a 44 year old fighter determined to prove the rest of the world that neither age nor a catalogue of recent injuries and poor form can prevent him winning a portion of the fractured heavyweight title.

The renaissance of ‘moderately’ proportioned heavyweights offers further hope to the former Cruiserweight champion, Valuev and Briggs are no longer title holders and contemporaries like Oleg Maskaev, Ibragimov appear infinitely more beatable to the former champion.

Wallace Mathews of NewsDay.com believes there is increasing legitimacy in Holyfield’s claim and writes favourably of the old warhorse’s performance. Click here to read Wallace Matthews’ article.

As Holyfield himself says, he will prove an irrepressible force; “‘Just let me do what I want to do, because I’m going to do it anyway.”

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  1. I know what you mean about starting to believe in the Holyfield hype. I really am starting to beleive he can capture at least a portion of the title with the division suffering from such a paucity of talent. Let’s face it: a 60% Holyfield is probably a match for most.

    I would hate to see him try to unify and come up against punishing bruisers like the Klitschkos, Peter or Brewster, though.

    In all likelyhood, though, one of those fights will happen, and it could provide the comprehensive beatdown that Commander ‘Vander has always said would finally drive him out of the game.

    Unfortunately, it would be painful viewing for all boxing fans, and expecially those of us who view Holyfield as a genuine all time great.


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