In the footsteps of Dodson

GlovesThe fact aspiring Light-Middleweight Jamie Moore is unable to fulfil his match with the magnificently named VinGlovescent Vuma due to a viral infection is undoubtedly frustrating. The Salford banger is on the cusp of a world-title shot and any interruption to his upward momentum is laden with risk. At 28, with a series of wars behind him, Moore cannot afford wasted time. However, his enforced absence provides an opportunity for raw British contender Mark Thompson to leap into the consciousness of the British fight public.

Even more crucial is the WBC International belt on offer should he upset the accepted logic that Vuma is too seasoned and powerful for the 11-0 puncher to unseat. If Thompson, who should be lauded for his willingness to take the bout, succeeds he will suddenly find himself in the midst of the British title mix at 154 pounds and beyond.

Sharing or mimicking the high octane style of Moore is one thing, replacing the British champion and finding a way to prevail quote another. But I’m instantly reminded of a similar scenario a few years ago when a nervous Brian Magee refused to fight ranked American Brian Barbosa. Despite the best efforts of Barry Hearn, Magee couldn’t be appeased and it was left to game Liverpudlian Tony Dodson to give Barbosa a work out to earn his pre-arranged pay day.

Dodson won over 8 rounds. It would be a comparable achievement were Thompson to find a route to victory. It’s an intriguing contest and one in which I wish the game youngster well. Speaking to, home of Jamie Moore’s boxing equipment website, Thompson was candid in his appraisal of the opportunity; “Yes, I’m ready, it’s very short notice but I wouldn’t have agreed to fight him if I wasn’t sure I could beat him.”

The South African Light-Middleweight champion will inevitably think differently.

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