Is Oscar really coming to little old Blighty?

Twin TowersThey say the world is shrinking, I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but they have something to say on most topics and they believe we’ve all grown closer. Travel and communication technology makes everyone your neighbour, or a MySpace pal at the very least, but I never thought the world could grow so small that Oscar DeLaHoya, the most bankable star in boxing, would be seeking to fight in England. Tired, rainy, downtrodden old England? Continue reading “Is Oscar really coming to little old Blighty?”

Larios and Amonsot Released From Hospital

AmonsotAmonsotFollowing the terrible news James Oyebola is fighting for his life following a shooting yesterday, it was heart-warming to hear that Oscar Larios and Czar Amonsot were both released from hospital fit and healthy following minor bleeding on the brain suffered during bouts on Saturday.

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Beautiful Ugliness; “Boxing is back!”

BareKnuckleWhen Bernard Hopkins’ exclaimed “boxing is back” in the post fight interviews over the weekend, I for one felt the words resonate somewhere deep down inside. Although no more than a fan with an opinion, I feel part of boxing, my love of the sport in part defines me. In an age where boxing is a marginal sport, I’m ‘Dave, you know Dave, loves his boxing?’. When Hopkins spoke, I perched closer to the edge of the chair, the same way I do when an ageing champion rallies against a younger foe. Go on boxing! Stick it to him.

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