Is Hopkins The Greatest Athlete to Ever Box?

Hopkins2Is Bernard Hopkins the greatest athlete to ever lace on a pair of gloves? To even pose the question will doubtless invite a deluge of abusive emails from fans mocking the suggestion. But for all Mayweather’s speed, Tyson’s natural firepower and the unflinching stamina of eye-catching fighters like Joe Calzaghe – to consider just three modern contemporaries – a case for Hopkins must surely be possible to make? Continue reading “Is Hopkins The Greatest Athlete to Ever Box?”

Joe McEwan and the turning worm

SpiltmilkI enjoy being a vehicle for the Joe McEwan-Bobby Gunn fall out. It’s been entertaining throughout and you wouldn’t believe just how many people have contacted me about the story, whether connected or simply as interested observers. It started with Joe McEwan, Bobby Gunn’s former promoter, who called Gunn “a liar, a thief and a coward”, the latest is an exclusive long missive from Marc Brown – a one time sponsor of McEwan’s boxing promotions who wishes to remind McEwan that “what goes around, comes around”. Continue reading “Joe McEwan and the turning worm”

“Tonight Matthew, I’m Going to be Light-Welterweight champion of the World”

ReesReesIncredulity, is the only word I could find to describe my reaction to Gavin Rees‘ capture of the WBA Light-Welterweight belt on Saturday night from seasoned champion Souleymane M’Baye. Lucky to get the shot he may have been, lucky to win he certainly wasn’t. Rees outworked, out thought and outmanoeuvred M’Baye from start to finish.

Continue reading ““Tonight Matthew, I’m Going to be Light-Welterweight champion of the World””

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