Happy Days – Haye to Face Mormeck

Jean-MarcOK, so big-punching David Haye couldn’t crack Ismael Abdoul and true he was decked by Super-Middleweight Lolenga Mock but despite those apparent limitations he remains a crucial piece of the British Boxing jigsaw. In fact, his importance could reach further. Boxing needs a charismatic, heavy handed heavyweight contender. Haye is one of a precariously short list of applicants for that role. Only Alexander Povetkin ranks ahead of him as a heavyweight youngster with punch power. The difference with Haye? He has obligations at 200 pounds to fulfil first.

Commendation to both him and his current promoter Frank Maloney in securing the shot at Jean-Marc Mormeck, the consensus Cruiserweight champion from France, on September 28th in Paris. Sacrificing home ground, considering the potential weight of the two ‘markets’, is a little disappointing but what matters is the shot and typically Haye isn’t planning on a long night, nor does he believe the Frenchman represent anything other than a stepping stone on his quest for recognition and, seemingly, world domination.

In a quote from ITV.com Haye commented: “Mormeck won’t last three rounds with me. This is going to be like George Foreman versus Joe Frazier or Lennox Lewis versus Mike Tyson. It’s going to be that one-sided.”

He may have his critics, but he knows how to play the PR game. Mentioning four heavyweight greats in one sentence must be some sort of record, but then Haye is accustomed to cramming a lot into a short space.

Mormeck is no fool though. Punters beware.

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  1. This is an excellent fight for British boxing, its the Biggest fight involving a Brit since Tszyu-Hatton and it might even surpass that considering Kostyas inactivity.

    Hopefully Haye beats the Frenchman and follows it up with a bout against Enzo before moving upto the HW ranks where he looked phenomenal in beating Bonin. By Hayes own admission he is a fraction of his true self when he fights at Cruiser and I think he’ll be going a long, long way at Cruiser.

    I’d without a doubt back Haye to beat any of the current crop of domestic HW’s


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