Archive: “Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!”

LighthouseLighthouseExactly two years to the day since this article was first published on, Bernard Hopkins continues to deny the obituary, professional at least, I recorded following his defeat to Jermaine Taylor in 2005. The fact, aged 42, he can still compete at elite level – he faces pound for pound great Winky Wright at 170 pounds – is astonishing. Continue reading “Archive: “Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!””

First Bruno, now Warren Pursues Damages

GavelGavelAccording to reports today, Frank Bruno successfully sued the News of the World for damages following a breach of his privacy by the Sunday tabloid and secured a significant settlement. Frank Warren meanwhile, is aiming for more than £300,000 from the Daily Record for remarks printed in relation to the John Simpson v Derry Matthews clash back in March. Continue reading “First Bruno, now Warren Pursues Damages”

So Near So Czar: Katsidis ‘defends’ Interim belt

KatsidisAustralian strongman Michael Katsidis, one of a host of fighters to expose British champions in recent months, makes the first defence of his interim WBO Lightweight title against Czar Amonsot this weekend. A sentence which will dumbfound the boxing purists; how does boxing create a scenario where interim champions defend the belt simultaneous to the activity of the real champion, in this case Juan Diaz? Continue reading “So Near So Czar: Katsidis ‘defends’ Interim belt”

Rees The Next Unbeaten Brit to Step Up

Ant Hill MobThis weekend’s bout between game Gavin Rees and stylish Frenchman Souleymane M’Baye for the latter’s WBA Light welterweight title isn’t quite another example of an over-hyped British fighter being pitched in with a world class operator only to discover he’s a chasm away from true elite class. Why? Well simply put, because we know Rees is no world beater before the fight.

Continue reading “Rees The Next Unbeaten Brit to Step Up”

Plucky Gomez Talks About Gatti Victory

gOMEZ22I’m not alone in following the career of gutsy Mexican Alfonso Gomez. His heart-warming willingness to face series favourite Peter Manfredo in the opening show of Contender 1 endeared the soft-featured Welterweight to millions around the world. It is that exposure that facilitated his own elevation to elite competition. Notoriety over achievement. Ticket sales over ability. But the difference with Gomez’s opportunity, as opposed to Manfredo’s against Calzaghe is, Gomez delivered. Those who saw him beat the bigger, more seasoned Manfredo weren’t surprised. Continue reading “Plucky Gomez Talks About Gatti Victory”

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