Boxing: Who gives a Froch about experience?

On paper, Carl Froch versus former WBC World Champion Robin Reid is a terrific battle, positioning the veteran Runcorn man as the final, and arguably, superfluous gatekeeper to the British champion’s ascent to the international scene.

In reality, Froch doesn’t need the fight to further substantiate his credibility on the domestic scene, but a knee operation has encouraged caution, a pause for breath before capitalising on his high rankings with every sanctioning body.

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Pugilistic Dementia; Something old, something new?

MikeQFew writers met the news of Oscar DeLaHoya intention to continue fighting with the type of disappointment expressed by Bill Dwyre at the LA Times. Is every other writer too entrenched in the hushed, unspoken agreement to keep boxing relevant, to comment objectively? Is Bill the sole voice of reason? Recycling the last remaining superstars of the 1990’s is a tired but reliable format after all. Continue reading “Pugilistic Dementia; Something old, something new?”

Boxing: “Misty watercoloured memories, of the way we were”: Jones Jnr. v Trinidad

TitoI should be able to rub my hand across the nape of my neck and feel hair bristling, I should be able to stop in the work’s canteen today and exchange views on one of the greatest match-ups of the modern era. “Roy Jones is gonna fight Tito Trinidad? Wow, what a fight!” Except of course, my hairs remain pretty sleepy and friends in the canteen lost interest in boxing when Naseem retired, oh, and the fight is six years past its sell by date too. Continue reading “Boxing: “Misty watercoloured memories, of the way we were”: Jones Jnr. v Trinidad”

Hatton still the hook; Witter, Harris, Castillo and all that

The DomeAccording to Mick Hennessy, promoter of Junior Witter, Vivian Harris – who Witter tackles in Doncaster in September – is a tougher foe than Jose Luis Castillo who provided Ricky Hatton with his most prized scalp since Kostya Tszyu. True, I maintained throughout that Hatton would demolish Castillo in 4 or 5 rounds, but I thought I was the only one with such vision? Damn it.

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Boxing: Three is a crowd – Guerrero gets new opponent

OpportunityThe withdrawal of Jorge Barios from his headline bout with Juan Manuel Marquez presented popular Texan contender Rocky Juarez with a short-cut back to elite level, one he gleefully accepted. Pencilled in to face Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero on the under card, the show promoters, GBP, offered Juarez the chance to step in ahead of the IBF champion. So what of Guerrero? Well, the 24 year old will now face Mexican rough-house Martin Honorio.  And he’ll have his hands full. Continue reading “Boxing: Three is a crowd – Guerrero gets new opponent”

Boxing: Behind the smile, Ali Nuumbembe

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14th November 2005

AliIf it’s true that boxing sold its soul to television networks a generation ago, eagerly snatching pay-per-view’s 30 pieces of silver and prostituting itself on the behest of an array of clandestine figures and their grubby titles. The story of Ali Nuumbembe, a Namibian welterweight, and philanthropic publican Chad Parker with whom he plots a path to boxing glory from the obscurity of a refitted caravan in Glossop, England, will help remind fans that for all its faults, boxing remains the sport “to which all other sports aspire.”

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Boxing: Never mundane Mundine May Quit

MundineSuper-Middleweight contender Anthony Mundine may elect to quit, or in fact be forced to quit boxing following an eye infection that threatened, and still threatens, to cost the opinionated Australian his sight in one eye. If ever there was a lesson for lazy contact lense wearers, that licking the said lense to clean it is a shortcut to misery, this must surely be it. From a worry to reality in just a few days, Dick Caine a friend of Mundine confirmed to Fox Sports Australia that some sight loss was now unavoidable. A development that almost certainly draws his boxing career to a premature conclusion. Continue reading “Boxing: Never mundane Mundine May Quit”

Boxing: The good, the bad and the ugly

goodConfirmation the clash between Oleg Maskaev and Samuel Peter for the WBC Heavyweight championship will take place on October 6th at Madison Square Garden was announced this week. A solid fight between two punchers, one with a chin, one without. The winner is expected to be forced to accommodate returning champion Vitaly Klitschko next time out. Its easy to see why Maskaev was eager to snatch a soft defence versus Peter Okhello, a fighter for whom world-title fights should be a spectator sport, in his most recent outing. Peter then Klitschko is a tough run. Continue reading “Boxing: The good, the bad and the ugly”

Boxing: A Nightingale Sang In Iran Barkley Square

Barkley2Boxing’s lack of structure is never more apparent than in the plight of retired fighters struggling to eke out an existence. Somehow ageing and the problems of ensuing retirement, seems more acute than on any other sportsman. Proud warriors, frightening, thunderous, larger than life characters humbled and humiliated by their loss of youth. A loss they so rarely see approaching. Lifetimes spent proving their physical superiority over the man opposing and, seemingly, the world at large – if only for a moment, replaced by an inability to function, provide or find direction in their post boxing life is an acute and distressing contrast. Continue reading “Boxing: A Nightingale Sang In Iran Barkley Square”

Boxing: American heavyweight hope Kevin Johnson wins

GrantThe American quest to find a legitimate heavyweight champion continues, last night Atlanta’s Kevin Johnson took another step toward contendership with victory over Damian Wills in a ten round bout. According to Marc Abrams at, Johnson appeared eager to please the attendant crowd.  Continue reading “Boxing: American heavyweight hope Kevin Johnson wins”

Buster Douglas’ Film Debut Gets DVD Release

BusterIt would be remiss of me not to applaud former heavyweight champion James ‘Buster’ Douglas for trying to forge a new career as a screen actor following his retirement from the ring 8 years ago. After all, I’m swift to deride the herd of fossilised heavyweights  still plying their trade as professional fighters. For the record, Buster is starring in low-budget flick, Pluto’s Plight. Continue reading “Buster Douglas’ Film Debut Gets DVD Release”

Boxing: Bottom of the 9th, One Last Swing for Morales

NostalgiaSaturday’s bout between weary veteran Erik Morales and Lightweight belt-holder David Diaz has failed to cause much of a stir on either side of the pond. Lost in the post fight fog of the Hopkins victory and the hubbub of the Hatton v Mayweather announcement, the fight pitches chunky champion Diaz versus the world’s oldest 30 year old. Setanta are airing the fight free to subscribers in the UK. To paraphrase Victoria Beckham; “That’s Major!” Continue reading “Boxing: Bottom of the 9th, One Last Swing for Morales”

Boxing: Achieving the Unachievable? Holyfield Gets The Shot

Evander3In truth Evander Holyfield’s status as a boxing legend is already assured. Any fighter who has clashed with Holmes, Bowe, Foreman, Lewis and Tyson, irrespective of their age and form at the time, is clearly a world-class operator and the manner of Holyfield’s performances during his pomp endeared him to a generation, or two, of boxing fans. His latest run at the title, as a forty something has on occasion looked capable of undermining all of his preceding achievements, but Evander, the most irrepressible of men, may yet have the last laugh. Thanks to the withdrawal of Ruslan Chagaev, he has his shot. Continue reading “Boxing: Achieving the Unachievable? Holyfield Gets The Shot”

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Kipling?

PropagandaOver at, the first barely audible whispers of a potential third bout between Danny Williams and Matt Skelton are being heard. According to the newly svelte Williams, a rubber match with Skelton will hopefully precede a second shot at one of the four major belt holders. Now where have I heard that line before?

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Je-wish Greenberg Would Step Up? I do

First StepsRoman Greenberg is an unbeaten heavyweight. He’s variously been complimented on his hand-speed and combination punching. Latterly, he’s been maligned for his soft physique, lack of snap in his punches and for progressing at a rate so slow – only video replay confirms he’s moving forward. Next up for the Russian born, British managed, Israeli national is Damon Reed. Groan. Continue reading “Je-wish Greenberg Would Step Up? I do”

Riddick-ulous Bowe to Return Again

RiddickI’ve never been punched in the face for pay, I’ve been punched in the face for far less but we haven’t time for that, and I’m therefore always reluctant to pass judgement on the freedom of  a man to make money from the hardest game of all. But in the case of Riddick Bowe  I have to make an exception. This is a man who claimed cerebral degeneration due to blows absorbed in the ring in a court of law. A ruse which is no longer convenient and, in the best traditions of boxing, is overlooked by the commissions willing to clear the former champion to fight. Continue reading “Riddick-ulous Bowe to Return Again”

Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!

Hatton2A few fans and writers will be force fed their hats and copius amounts of humble pie today as the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather, rated as the finest fighter on the planet, and human piranha Ricky Hatton took another giant step toward reality.  According to Ray Hatton, not only has son Ricky signed the contract, so has Floyd – essentially, the deal is done. Continue reading “Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!”

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