In the shadow of Woodcock; Witter to fight in Doncaster

WoodcockWoodcockIt doesn’t feel quite right. First the prospect of Oscar DeLaHoya fighting in England and now, it might be worth grabbing a chair before you read on, the WBC Light-Welterweight belt – once held by the Golden Boy himself, Julio Cesar Chavez and Arturo Gatti – is to be contested in Doncaster. Yep. My home town, the gritty, blue collar mining town of Doncaster. If Bruce Woodcock were still pulling pints at the Tumbler, he might have dropped his glass at the news.

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Oyebola Continues to Fight for his life

sunIt seems the Sun, to whom this article originally linked, got this wrong and James is still fighting for his life. My apologies to those mislead by the linked article and for my own failure to check the facts the Sun reported at length. And continued best wishes to James in his battle, and those close to him.

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