Tribute Wear

Hatton THatton TBegun on an idle whim, the BoxingWriter Tribute Wear has proved tremendously popular and exceeded expectation. Sales of t-shirts featuring the likes of Marciano, Hearns and Tapia have been well received and dispatched to satisfied customers within 2-3 days of order receipt and the feedback on quality has been favourable too. Check them out… Continue reading “ Tribute Wear”

The Return of the Enigma

Harrison2Harrison2The fact a 35 year old fighter is still consider unfulfilled and news of his latest comeback remains newsworthy is a damning endictment of a 2007 heavyweight division unable to summon a decisive fighter to render these veteran retreads redundant. But in an era where Evander Holyfield, Oliver McCall and Henry Akinwande are all arguably only one victory from a title shot, perhaps Audley Harrison has every right to believe he still has time to deliver on the potential his 2000 Olympic Gold suggested he had – the latest news on Big Aud still, despite everything, carries weight.  Continue reading “The Return of the Enigma”

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