Shadow Boxing: Matthew Hatton Emerges

ShadowA brief note to recognise how important Matthew Hatton’s recent victory on the Hatton v Urango undercard could prove to be. The younger, bigger Hatton slogged away unspectacularly on the undercards of his illustrious sibling for a number of years without ever announcing himself as a talent in his own right, but a change could be on the horizon. Continue reading “Shadow Boxing: Matthew Hatton Emerges”

The Unwise Return of Tommy Morrison?

TommyI’ve found it hard to fathom quite how American heavyweight Tommy Morrison, 46-3, has been cleared to fight again a decade or more on from the announcement he’d contracted HIV at some unknown point during his sexual voyage through an unquantifiable number of female companions. My bemusement appears to be widespread with conflicting medical opinion on the legitimacy of Morrison’s claim that he is either cured, or the victim of a misdiagnosis. Continue reading “The Unwise Return of Tommy Morrison?”

Williams v Gammer: Live on the Web

HearnAccording to www.boxingtimes.comthe British title fight between champion Scott Gammer and Danny Williams will available over the Internet for a price starting at $16.99. An interesting move, and yet another example of the inevitable move toward integrated coverage of the sport. What next, hover-boards?

Barry Hearn, head of Matchroom, and the promoter.. Continue reading “Williams v Gammer: Live on the Web”

As Old as the Hills – Virgil Faces Maske

VirgilThe news Virgil Hill, the once long-standing Light-Heavyweight champion, will fight Henry Maske – a fighter he sent into retirement more than a decade ago – has to be met with a shake of the head by boxing fans. Hill is 43, and so far removed from his prime that his hey-day is little more than a pen-pal to the current iteration. Continue reading “As Old as the Hills – Virgil Faces Maske”

The End of

QuillMany discerning fight fans will shed a tear for the passing of TheSweetScience website, home to some of the greatest writing talents the sport has ever enjoyed. The site will close for business in the next week or so. Rigorous in its editorial control, stringently unique and thought provoking, TSS hosted some of the most ground breaking pieces I’ve read through any media outlet, printed or Internet. Continue reading “The End of”

Hatton Britain’s Greatest?

BillyBilly Graham, the long-time trainer of Ricky Hatton, today claimed that the British public will one day accept Hatton as the greatest fighter to ever have emerged from the United Kingdom. It seems an ambitious claim given the mediocrity of his recent encounters but considering the achievements of the previous champions from these shores, it isn’t impossible to believe he could succeed in fulfilling that prediction. Continue reading “Hatton Britain’s Greatest?”

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