Congratulations Ali!

NuumbembeJust a brief note of congratulation to Ali Nuumbembe, the Glossop based Namibian finally fulfilled his dream of winning a professional title – defeating Commonwealth champion Kevin Anderson by Split-Decision in a tightly contested fight. Anderson was somewhat dismayed by the decision having started by brightly but barely survived the eighth. Continue reading “Congratulations Ali!”

Boxing: Evander Holyfield, The Prospect

EvanderEvander Holyfield, little more than an echo of the fearsome box-puncher he once was, continues his uncoordinated drudge toward another heavyweight title shot away from the brighter lights of mainstream contendership. His latest run, previously stopping off at the backwater of Jeremy Bates – not the former British tennis player, though it may as well have been – and the Puerto Rican village Fres Oquendo next faces Vinny Maddalone. A fighter of orthodox stance and limited ability. Continue reading “Boxing: Evander Holyfield, The Prospect”

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