Tyson on ESPN Classic – In the UK

TysonA brief note to alert British boxing fans, [and only 3 of them read these pages], channel 442 starts a three part re-run on Mike Tyson’s eventful early career – should be a nice recap for those too young to recall his thunderous prime and those who had begun to forget the demonic like swathe he cut through the ponderous 1980’s heavyweight division. Continue reading “Tyson on ESPN Classic – In the UK”

‘Bad’ Chad Dawson Arrives at One Seven Five

ChadAt 6-3, with telescopic reach, solid technique, authoritative power and a southpaw stance Chad Dawson struck most informed observers as a young man with undoubted potential. Now aged 24, and a new arrival in the WBC champion’s lounge – a comprehensive destruction of champion Tomasz Adamek earning him the belt – Dawson is suddenly hot news.

In the light-heavyweight division, a new broom is overdue – Antonio Tarver, Bernard Hopkins, Clinton Woods, Roy Jones and Glen Johnson still sit aloft the weight class and all are at the veteran stage, and more than one is shot.  Continue reading “‘Bad’ Chad Dawson Arrives at One Seven Five”

Boomerang Lovemore Back For More

LovemoreLikeable Australian Lovemore N’Dou beat Ben Rabah last night to spring a mild surprise on the boxing world and secure a mandated shot at the IBF Light-Welterweight championship, a title held by bankable superstar Ricky Hatton. The self acclaimed Black Panter, a veteran of over 50 bouts, arrives back at contender status via a circuitious route having originally campaigned that he should have contested the vacated belt the first time Hatton relinquished. Continue reading “Boomerang Lovemore Back For More”

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