As Old as the Hills – Virgil Faces Maske

VirgilThe news Virgil Hill, the once long-standing Light-Heavyweight champion, will fight Henry Maske – a fighter he sent into retirement more than a decade ago – has to be met with a shake of the head by boxing fans. Hill is 43, and so far removed from his prime that his hey-day is little more than a pen-pal to the current iteration.

OK, so what? Two elderly fighters engaging in a little rosy trip down memory lane, a senior tour fight – where is the harm in that? Surely the sport can accept two fighters earning a little crust from their shared history and illustrious endeavours in the ring whether it is 12 months or 10 or more years ago? Stop being such a curmudgeon.

I didn’t mention this for a ‘genuine’ world title did I?

Get real, how can a 43 year old be a champion in the hardest sport of all, it must be a mickey mouse senior belt or something, right?

Nope. This is for the World Boxing Association Cruiserweight title.

The sport is doomed.

I’ve been telling you that for months.

 31st March in Munich, to be screened in the US for the voyeuristic.

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