A Clash of Opposites: Audley faces Sprott

SprottAudley Harrison takes another belated step on the path to heavyweight glory this weekend when he faces Reading’s quiet man Michael Sprott. The two fighter’s careers a study in opposites. For Audley, the toast of the domestic and international scenes for almost five years following his surprise Olympic victory, this represents another meaningful hurdle – for Sprott, a fighter forced to earn a crust around the rings of Europe, this represents a major opportunity to establish himself as a legitimate contender at the higher level.

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Takaloo in Embarassing Benefit Fraud

TakMargate’s Welterweight contender Mehrdud Takalobiagashi, widely known as Takaloo to save his adopted English countryman struggling with his Iranian pronunciation, appeared in court over alleged benefit fraud alongside his wife, Sarah. Continue reading “Takaloo in Embarassing Benefit Fraud”

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