Mayweather’s: You Couldn’t Make It Up

FloydBut I suspect somebody is. The forthcoming fight between Oscar DeLaHoya, boxing’s poster boy for the past decade and Floyd Mayweather the consensus pound for pound champion, is being hyped as the major fight of the year and perhaps beyond. It certainly brings together two of the most talented fighters of my generation and in DeLaHoya it also delivers the last great cross-over star of world boxing. Morales, Barrera, Pacman, Gatti and Mosley all touched the broader public but nobody has been as effectively marketed as Oscar and he brings all that promotional know-how to this show too. Continue reading “Mayweather’s: You Couldn’t Make It Up”

Lennox Back? No. Training? Yes. Trainer? Maybe.

LennoxFormer champions are always news in boxing. Whether Tommy Morrison returning from an HIV enforced absence on the back of suspiciously vague medical clearance, Evander Holyfield entirely just but completely impossible pursuit of the title aged 44 or Mike Tyson’s admittance of drug related problems and subsequent rehab request – champions remain news. Continue reading “Lennox Back? No. Training? Yes. Trainer? Maybe.”

Boxing’s ‘B&W’ Fighters Would Crush ‘Wide-Screen’ Generation

JackAll sports are burdened and enriched in equal measure by their history. I propose few create the depth of debate boxing does when it seeks to pitch its bygone champions into mythical encounters with their modern day equivalents. Some observers prefer to avoid the debate entirely, pointing out that comparison is futile and propose judgement of individual fighters can only be done within the relative context of their own generation.

Fair point. But where is the fun in that? Continue reading “Boxing’s ‘B&W’ Fighters Would Crush ‘Wide-Screen’ Generation”

Good Ship Greenberg Avoiding Icebergs

RomanHeavyweight hopeful Roman Greenberg is arguably the most talked about heavyweight that hasn’t achieved anything. His Jewish background, youth and fast hands encouraging the Fight Academy promotional team to utilise every conceivable vehicle to issue a press release, and for a time their frequency and flashes of excellence in Greenberg’s embryonic outings convinced enough observers to track the chunky fighter. Continue reading “Good Ship Greenberg Avoiding Icebergs”

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