The End of

QuillMany discerning fight fans will shed a tear for the passing of TheSweetScience website, home to some of the greatest writing talents the sport has ever enjoyed. The site will close for business in the next week or so. Rigorous in its editorial control, stringently unique and thought provoking, TSS hosted some of the most ground breaking pieces I’ve read through any media outlet, printed or Internet.

Writers as respected as Pat Putnam (RIP), George Kimball and Mike Katz illuminated readerswith works of beauty. To have been published alongside them may prove my finest hour as an aspiring wordsmith, and it does, I’ll feel comfortable with the achievement.

The recent move to a 100% subscription delivery so swiftly has suffocated traffic and dissillusioned readers, writers and now it would seem the site owner. It was a poor business model, but the end has still come as a shock and disappointment to me, one because the cheques stop, but more significantly because the site truly offered something different and raised the bar for the quality of work available on the Internet.

Particular thanks from me go to Robert Ecksel, the Editor, a fantastic writer himself and a great supporter of my submissions and to Charles Jay, though long-departed from the site, who first extended an invitation to get involved.

Such a shame.

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