Ossie Duran v Contender Reid

OssieRugged former Commonwealth champion, Ossie Duran continues his Stateside career next week when he faces veteran of Contender Series 1, Jonathan Reid. From memory Reid was the first to depart the show, despite entering as arguably the most decorated of the group.

To British fans, Duran is well known from his time based here. Tough, good reach and decent ability he has a victory over Jamie Moore, though Moore retired injured in truth Duran was on top when the fight was stopped, and his recent defeat to Bradley Pryce a surprise given their respective form a the time. Continue reading “Ossie Duran v Contender Reid”

Danny Williams Last Chance Saloon

DannyDepending on to whom you speak; Danny Williams is a vast underachiever or a fighter who has earned far more than his talent and fragile self-belief would suggest he should have done. There is no in between. Knockout victories over Kali Meehan, Mark Potter and Mike Tyson – did I really just put Iron Mike in the same sentence as Mark Potter – sparkle alongside triumphs over Michael Sprott, Julius Francis, Matt Skelton and Audley Harrison. Continue reading “Danny Williams Last Chance Saloon”

IBF, Hatton and the r-word

BenRabahWith the abdication of the three belts he won beating Kostya Tszyu, Carlos Maussa and Luis Collazo behind him the irony of the IBF’s threat to withdraw light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton’s belt wont be lost on the wider boxing public. It’s hard to malign Hatton for preferring to fight Jose Luis Castillo in June before his mandated obligation to Ben Rabah or Lovemore N’Dou, who contest a final eliminator soon, but surely Hatton soon has to stick rather than twist. Continue reading “IBF, Hatton and the r-word”

Hatton Making Excuses

HattonManchester iron-man Ricky Hatton told the BBC this week that the disappointment expressed over his recent performance versus Juan Urango, and before that Luis Collazo, was unfair. Calm and personable out of the ring, Hatton is clearly irked by the commentary on his recent ring form, although he conceded the forthcoming contest with Jose Luis Castillo would encourage him to stay within sensible reach of 140 pounds – something he’s constantly denied had any bearing on his performance. Continue reading “Hatton Making Excuses”

UFC – Will it suffocate or galvanise boxing?

BoxingI remind myself that long before the slide toward ‘Entertainment’, wrestling was a legitimate sport around the globe, and for fans of the sweet science concerned by the growing popularity of MMA and UFC perhaps that shared history provides comfort. Boxing can survive without a monopoly on fans of combat sports. Continue reading “UFC – Will it suffocate or galvanise boxing?”

Vital or A Knee Jerk? The Return of Big Brother

KneeThe return of giant Ukrainian Vitaly Klitschko caused something of a rumpus in boxing circles this week, fresh from Samuel Peter’s emergence as a contender from the ranks of pretenders it would seem the WBC, the over-valued leader of the sanctioning bodies and one of the sport’s biggest problems, reinstated the former champion as mandatory challenger to Oleg Maskaev. Himself of Soviet birth and clearly, at the age of 75, looking for the biggest pay-day his belated ascension to the heavyweight throne can garner him. Continue reading “Vital or A Knee Jerk? The Return of Big Brother”

Boxing Returns to Sweden

As a country that fathered former Heavyweight boxing champion Ingamar Johansson, who beat Floyd Patterson to win the title before losing in a rematch – as well as flattening proud British hope Henry Cooper amongst others, Sweden is long overdue a return to professional boxing. 37 years on from the last card staged there, and having witnessed the growth of elite level boxing in Denmark in the intervening period, the wider boxing industry should welcome the return of the Scandinavians to the squared circle. Continue reading “Boxing Returns to Sweden”

Coma to KO with Jorge Castro

Jorge CastroAs a veteran of 144 contests you would think there could be little left to prove or pursue in a fighter’s career, but following a car crash that threatened to paralyse former middleweight champion Jorge Castro (130-11-3) returned from months of rehabilitation and a 20 day coma to exert revenge over Jose Herrera, the last man to beat him on his last comeback, one far too hasty following his crash.  Continue reading “Coma to KO with Jorge Castro”

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