Staggering. Maccarinelli To Face Joke Opponent?

Bobby GunnPragmatism is an essential personality trait for boxing fans these days, accepting mediocre opponents in the name of world-championship boxing has become second nature to fans of the sport.

However, in Bobby Gunn, Frank Warren may just have found an opponent so devoid of credentials that boxing fans, even those devoted to the WBO Cruiserweight champion, Enzo Maccarinelli, Gunn is scheduled to face, will be unable to accept. Continue reading “Staggering. Maccarinelli To Face Joke Opponent?”

Arturo Gatti: Must the Show Go On?

ArturoI love Gatti. One of the bravest fighters the sport has seen, the quintessential blue-collar brawler. Memorable for his clashes with Mickey Ward, Ivan Robinson and a cast of dozens of others, his last significant outings, a painful and comprehensive stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather and defeat to Carlos Baldomir should, perhaps, have represented the final installments in the ‘Human Highlight Reel’s’ Hall of Fame Career. Continue reading “Arturo Gatti: Must the Show Go On?”

Hatton, N’Dou and the IBF

HattonNever the shy retiring type, Lovemore N’Dou has gone public on his frustration at Ricky Hatton’s decision to face Mexican Jose Luis Castillo in June rather than honour his mandatory obligation. N’Dou, who beat countryman Ben Rabah to secure mandated status, is a veteran of the PR game and an irrepressible voice in the Light-Welterweight division. Continue reading “Hatton, N’Dou and the IBF”

Sugar Ray Too Sweet About Amir Khan

LeonardThere is little doubt Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the finest atheletes to ever grace the sport. Victories over Hearns, Duran and Hagler alone earn him a place in any debate on the greatest fighter of all time. It isn’t a crown he could claim but he isn’t out of place in the discussion.

However, following a brief spell as a promoter after his final retirement he has returned to the consciousness of boxing fans as the face of The Contender series – a show pitting peripheral contenders against one another in a last man standing format. The series has proved popular enough in America, where both series winners and many of the supporting fighters have gained acclaim and recognition beyond their ability and potential. Continue reading “Sugar Ray Too Sweet About Amir Khan”

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