Real Life Rockys Go Head to Head: Francis & McKenzie

CommonwealthIn the boxing backwater of Gloucestershire, Ovill McKenzie and Dean Francis clash this weekend for McKenzie’s Commonwealth title and the bout represents a major achievement for both fighters. Francis, for whom much was once expected, contesting a significant title following the injuries to his right arm that twice convinced him to retire only to return is prize enough. The fiercely competitive 33 year old will want, and expect to go one further and win of course despite relying almost exclusively on the left hand for much of the eight years since the dislocation against Undra White. Continue reading “Real Life Rockys Go Head to Head: Francis & McKenzie”

Boxing: Witter Just Wouldn’t Let It Lie

WitterThe on-going PR campaign being waged by Junior Witter’s irrepressible promotional team, Hennessey Sports  is beginning to take on a life of its own. Perpetual and persistent, the endless supply of challenges made to Ricky Hatton is slowly returning the long-overdue Hatton v Witter clash to the top of most boxing fans’ list of must-see engagements.

True, Hatton’s clash with Jose Luis Castillo takes on greater meaning for the intangible ‘legacy’ to which it seems all boxer’s attribute every matchmaking decision of their career – though precious few selections actually the deliver the validation they claim to crave – and for the lucrative American market for whom Junior Witter represents… Continue reading “Boxing: Witter Just Wouldn’t Let It Lie”

Tarver or Jones Next for Clinton Woods?

TarverOn whichever criteria IBF Light-Heavyweight champion Clinton Woods’ career is assessed it is impossible not to congratulate his perserverence and willingness to tackle the best the division has to offer. Defending the title he secured beating game young puncher Rico Hoye against challengers as capable and ambitious as Gonzales and Johnson illustrate this zest for genuine competition.

In this era of avoiding fellow contenders he is to be applauded for this willingness. Continue reading “Tarver or Jones Next for Clinton Woods?”

The Contender Arrives in the UK

RossFollowing success Stateside, the Contender concept will take its bow in the UK later this year and will feature a host of Welterweight/Light Middleweights with much to prove.

Provocatively pitched against American counterparts including Cornelius Brundage and Grady Brewer, the likes of Ross Minter, Wayne Alexander and Nigel Wright will seek to grasp the undoubted noteriety and attention the series generates. Continue reading “The Contender Arrives in the UK”

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