The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story

MickyAny film starring Matt Damon is usually high quality viewing, OK, granted Ocean’s 12 was dismal but typically Damon played the role amidst the self-indulgent script with his usual class. The news he is to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a story chronicling the rise of Irish Micky Ward to championship fights is welcomed by me. Continue reading “The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story”

A Boxing Must: The Sweetscience by AJ Liebling

LieblingAs a fan of the written word and the great boxing writers of the past and present, though I seem to work hard at preventing their influence appearing in my own ramblings, I was a belated recipient of AJ Liebling’s SweetScience collection of boxing reports. Continue reading “A Boxing Must: The Sweetscience by AJ Liebling”

Save the Last Dance for Me: Kostya Please?

KostyaI’m trying to think of something predictable, a euphemism for Lovemore N’Dou’s desire to entice fellow Australian Kostya Tsyzu out of inactivity, I would suggest, more predictable than Hugh Grant’s latest script but I used that last week and with time pressing I’ll crack on without originality – nothing new there whispered the wag at the back. If you think of anything, answers on a postcard. Continue reading “Save the Last Dance for Me: Kostya Please?”

New Yorker, New Moan, Pneumonia

BriggsNew York giant, Shannon Briggs has been forced out of his March 10th defence against Russian Sultan Ibragimov with a bout of ‘walking pneumonia’, a curious condition but one clearly likely to constrain a fighter already battling asthma. The fight will be re-arranged as promptly as possible though whether the same venue can be secured remains unconfirmed.

Though scheduled for the… Continue reading “New Yorker, New Moan, Pneumonia”

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