Pittsburgh Ticket Seller Continues Comeback

SpadaforaPaul Spadafora, the unbeaten Junior-Welterweight with a conviction for shooting his then girlfriend in an argument and a fighter who has wrestled with a host of other demons in his life, continues his return from the inactivity forced by his ridiculously short incarceration early next month against Oisin Fagan. Continue reading “Pittsburgh Ticket Seller Continues Comeback”

Hatton Faces Castillo on June 23rd

CastilloReported everywhere today, so why should this little hideaway be any different, the news that Ricky Hatton is to face veteran – and its noticeable how many media outlets refer to him as veteran since his narrow victory and lacklustre performance last time out – Mexican, Jose Luis Castillo in a fight few fans will want to miss. Continue reading “Hatton Faces Castillo on June 23rd”

Neil Sinclair’s Career: Take 47

SinclairBelfast banger Neil Sinclair, one of the purest punchers from the British Isles in recent memory, made a cautious return to action following a failed attempt to galvanise himself in America last year, beating imported loser Arek Malek. The detour to America went desperatley wrong,  a third choice substitute knocked him out on his Stateside debut. A painful lesson in attention to detail for the former British champion in a fight scheduled to enable him to rebuild from the humbling defeat to Taz Jones back in ‘Blighty’ the year before. Continue reading “Neil Sinclair’s Career: Take 47”

Poleaxed. The Audley Charade Ends

EndI’ve written dozens of articles, fight reports, previews and message board comments on Audley Harrison in the past five years, his professional career running parallel to my own contributions as a boxing writer – if affording myself that title isn’t too much of an insult to the Putnam, Leibling and Mailers that precede me. In fact, I’ve compounded the crime – mentioning their names close to mine – but hopefully they’ll excuse the indulgence. Continue reading “Poleaxed. The Audley Charade Ends”

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