“Always Pull Marciano Out Thay Ass”

RockThe success of Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood’s emotionally charged tale of a novice female fighter, and before it Will Smith’s plausible facsimile of Muhammad Ali, startled Hollywood but encouraged those with the power to look more fondly on film projects with boxing at their heart.  Suddenly, Russell Crowe was able to strike a chord as the Cinderella Man, Sylvester Stallone given the go-ahead to conclude his life-affirming Rocky series and projects detailing the lives of Micky Ward and Joe Louis are at advanced stages with screen figures as popular and talented as Matt Damon and Spike Lee involved respectively. Continue reading ““Always Pull Marciano Out Thay Ass””

Audley Back Before He Left

AudleyStubborn, defiant, belligerent, delusional? Audley Harrison, staring at 3 defeats in his last 5 fights, remains confident he will return better than ever and at championship level from his latest setback.  True the punch that flattened him this time was a cracker, with the small caveat that Sprott isn’t known as a devastating puncher, but alongside his conspicuous knockdown to a glancing blow from Danny Williams and the shiver light-punching Mark Krence sent down his spine, the furthering of his fistic career will be done without the security of an iron chin. Continue reading “Audley Back Before He Left”

Simply the Pest: Eubank Arrested

EubankFew fighters cut a more distinct figure than Chris Eubank in a giant American truck, but the fearsome former champion is as opinionated as ever and brought a great deal of media attention to a protest against the War in Iraq, and specifically today’s news that third in line to the throne, Prince Harry, is to see active front-line duty. Continue reading “Simply the Pest: Eubank Arrested”

You Khannot Be Serious: Amir Ranked!

PerplexedNow far be it from me to tell the WBO how to run their business, nor am I willing to suggest something underhand has occurred to facilitate Amir Khan’s new found status as a world-ranked Lightweight, but Amir Khan – #14, really? A staggering step by the WBO, with whom Khan’s promoter – Frank Warren – has always had a close relationship, considering the Bolton fighter has yet to face an opponent of even moderate renown. Continue reading “You Khannot Be Serious: Amir Ranked!”

Boxing: Peace Follows War: Benn and McClellan Meet

G-manFor boxing fans of a certain generation, namely mine, the fight between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan represents a seminal moment in our love of the sport. Retrospectively however, the fight creates disharmony amongst those that saw it. Fans crave to revel in the intensity of the combat, the purity of two men willing to put their mind, body and sense of who they were under the most intense physical pressure imaginable in the name of sport. Respect, and a degree of embarassment given our love of a sport that fundamentally places men at risk, forces restraint because of the sad conclusion to the fight. Continue reading “Boxing: Peace Follows War: Benn and McClellan Meet”

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