The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story

MickyAny film starring Matt Damon is usually high quality viewing, OK, granted Ocean’s 12 was dismal but typically Damon played the role amidst the self-indulgent script with his usual class. The news he is to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a story chronicling the rise of Irish Micky Ward to championship fights is welcomed by me.

True, boxing is de reguer presently with the success of Rocky, Cinderella Man and Million Dollar Baby all presumably encouraging the Hollywood elite to sniff around boxing scripts. Other reports on suggest Spike Lee is looking to cover the life of Joe Louis soon too, and with his penchant for the politicised movie and perfection, that strikes me as a compelling project too.

Popularity in the cinema can only help the sport in its battle to survive the onslaught of MMA, UFC and other combat sports currently thriving in the key US market. In Micky Ward it has a fantastic subject that if handled well could capture the same audiences as the Rocky story, with which Ward’s career has many parallels.


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4 thoughts on “The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story

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  1. I think, well I hope, that the proposed involvement of Matt Damon ensures the project has a degree of integrity and I would think he is capable of adapting to the physical demands of the role too.

    Should be a cracker. Look out for Spike Lee’s Joe Louis’ film too. Apparentley working title of Save Me Joe Louis.

    A reference to the story of a death row inmate on the electric chair who called out for the champion to save him from his fate.


  2. all i have tos ay is that this is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I just wish this movie would come out sooner. Mickey Ward is by far my favorite boxer of all time. Everyone needs to see this movie I just hope that hollywood doesn’t screw with it because his story alone is truly amazing


  3. Micky Ward,a true gentleman and one of the toughest brawlers ever to step in a making this about his life people will see what the name Micky Ward is all about


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