Arturo Gatti: Must the Show Go On?

ArturoI love Gatti. One of the bravest fighters the sport has seen, the quintessential blue-collar brawler. Memorable for his clashes with Mickey Ward, Ivan Robinson and a cast of dozens of others, his last significant outings, a painful and comprehensive stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather and defeat to Carlos Baldomir should, perhaps, have represented the final installments in the ‘Human Highlight Reel’s’ Hall of Fame Career.

Inevitably, despite his presumed affluence the popular fighter will drag his ragged body through the rigours of training in a bid to re-climb the peaks of his earlier career. Like dogs, fighters have a birth age and a ring age, walking down the street Gatti is in his early mid-thirties – in the ring Gatti is boxing’s Gandalph.

Buddy McGirt is reported to not be on the comeback bus this time, which could suggest a range of things; i) Gatti needs to apportion blame for the Mayweather humbling to justify his return or, more likely, ii) Buddy knows the end of the line has been reached and he doesn’t want to train Gatti through a comeback he doesn’t believe in.

Of course, all great champions continue too long and I’m sure Gatti is medically and physically fit to fight. But he cant beat Mayweather, Margarito, Cotto or Hatton, and while he’ll earn from the comeback you wonder what the true motivations are given reaching the summit of either the 140 or 147 pound division appears beyond him at this veteran stage of his career.

 I just hope, rather like Wayne McCullough, when the final moment comes he is treated with similar sensitivity and care and he leaves with his faculties in tact..

Good luck Arturo.

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