The life of the Human Highlight Reel, Arturo Gatti, ends in tragedy

Thousands of words have already been written about the demise of Arturo Gatti and still more about the life in boxing that preceded it. News of his death, aged just 37, has shocked a legion of fans for whom Gatti is synonymous with courage, exhilaration and entertainment.

Recently betrothed, Arturo Gatti leaves behind a young son. His wife, Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, was arrested today.

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Blah, blah, etc, etc, Hatton talks Oscar, trainers, ageing and the future

More astute judges than I have pointed to Ricky Hatton’s ebbing level of performance, greater students of fighters and their techniques have dissected his growing faults and weaknesses and plenty of wiser minds than mine claim his out of “monastery” habits will shorten his elite career drastically.

Tired ground. It is far too late to worry about what Hatton isn’t and enjoy and remember what has been and what he remains.

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Guest Article: Mayweather’s retirement a pretty pass

Guest writer Andrew Mullinder muses on Floyd Mayweather’s potentially misleading pristine professional record and the less public statistics that strongly suggest he truly is the once in a lifetime fighter he proclaims to be. Either way, Andrew suggests, his recent retirement is both frustrating and deserved.

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The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg Already Training

WahlbergI’m happy to report the story of Micky Ward, and half brother Dicky Eklund, to be captured in the film The Fighter – due to start filming in 2008 – looks likely to be a cracker. Not only have the notable talents of Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg been penned to play the lead roles, but Wahlberg has already begun dedicating himself to creating a telling facsimile of the gutsy blue collar hero.

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Boxing: Who gives a Froch about experience?

On paper, Carl Froch versus former WBC World Champion Robin Reid is a terrific battle, positioning the veteran Runcorn man as the final, and arguably, superfluous gatekeeper to the British champion’s ascent to the international scene.

In reality, Froch doesn’t need the fight to further substantiate his credibility on the domestic scene, but a knee operation has encouraged caution, a pause for breath before capitalising on his high rankings with every sanctioning body.

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Boxing laments the loss of Corrales

Few fighters carve out the type of niche string-bean former Lightweight and Super-Featherweight champion Diego Corrales did in a little over a decade in the ring. Perhaps Arturo Gatti or Johnny Tapia command comparable affection from the fans who revelled in, and embraced the gutsy puncher’s career. Corrales was a competition hungry professional, game to the last and willing to fight the fights ticket buying fans wanted to see. He was real. Not a throwback to some romanticised bygone age, but a genuine fighter and the type of elixir the sport needed in these troubled times.

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The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story

MickyAny film starring Matt Damon is usually high quality viewing, OK, granted Ocean’s 12 was dismal but typically Damon played the role amidst the self-indulgent script with his usual class. The news he is to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a story chronicling the rise of Irish Micky Ward to championship fights is welcomed by me. Continue reading “The Fighter: Micky Ward’s Story”

Arturo Gatti: Must the Show Go On?

ArturoI love Gatti. One of the bravest fighters the sport has seen, the quintessential blue-collar brawler. Memorable for his clashes with Mickey Ward, Ivan Robinson and a cast of dozens of others, his last significant outings, a painful and comprehensive stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather and defeat to Carlos Baldomir should, perhaps, have represented the final installments in the ‘Human Highlight Reel’s’ Hall of Fame Career. Continue reading “Arturo Gatti: Must the Show Go On?”

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