The Bobby Gunn Saga Continues

BobbybeatsholcombeFor readers focused on more meaningful global events, the Bobby Gunn saga has been little more than a frivolous distraction – to some it has become an escape from the pedestrian, a welcome splash of tabascon intrigue in an otherwise mundane pork chop of a summer. For those huddling together to hear if there are further installments, I’m delighted to report another chapter or two has been added.

Following my innocuous commentary on Bobby Gunn’s then forthcoming comeback from his destruction at the hands of Enzo Maccarinelli, I’ve received communication from just about every vested party. From Gunn, Bobby Gunn Sr, Marc Brown, Jeff Holcombe 1 and 2 (former opponent) and a lifted press release by former promoter/manager Joe McEwan (Rock Hard Boxing) as well as character testimonies from a host of interested readers.

All parties are eager to relay their perspective and evidence and the Gunn side appear keen to take the case through the courts. The latest twist is a picture sent by the Gunn camp which clearly shows Holcombe exactly where Gunn claimed he put him. Laying on his back on the canvas. Holcombe of course, put this down to back injuries, but the bad blood continues.

And with Gunn claiming former manager/promoter tried to defraud Gunn to the tune of $30,000 minutes before he fought Maccarinelli on a Sports Network card I suspect it will continue until one party or the other proves their case in court. I’ll be looking to conduct an interview with the vested parties in the days and weeks ahead.

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