The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg Already Training

WahlbergI’m happy to report the story of Micky Ward, and half brother Dicky Eklund, to be captured in the film The Fighter – due to start filming in 2008 – looks likely to be a cracker. Not only have the notable talents of Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg been penned to play the lead roles, but Wahlberg has already begun dedicating himself to creating a telling facsimile of the gutsy blue collar hero.

According to the Irelandon-line website, Wahlberg is close to completing 12 months of boxing training – despite being in the process of filming another role and will continue his preparation until filming begins next spring. Just the type of dedication Ward demonstrated throughout his famous career. As most fans suspected, Wahlberg is a shrewd choice for the role and it will be little surprise to hear how seriously he is taking the task.

Boxing has proven a trusty vehicle for actors seeking approval from the film industry; Rocky, Million Dollar Baby and Raging Bull just a handful of the films that have garnered Oscar nominations for their participants.

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5 thoughts on “The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg Already Training

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  1. On another note, I can think of several boxers’ stories which would make better movies. Ward was in some great fights, but was so remarkable about him and his life to get the Hollywood treatment?


  2. Ollie,

    It was late. Famous would have done I suppose. Thanks for the critique.


    True, but he’d fought a series of tough guys on the way through. Though I’m not sure I claimed the point you suggest?


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