Cliff Couser to face Shannon Briggs?

Couser2Couser2Thanks to his recent upset victory over Monte Barrett, legendary journeyman heavyweight Cliff Couser is pencilled in to face Shannon Briggs – the former WBO champion bidding to rebuild following his defeat to Sultan Ibragimov. According to Couser at least, the only outstanding formality is Briggs’ signature on the contract.

Couser, widely promoted as the half brother of Mike Tyson, not only shares his siblings’ looks but also his love of the expletive littered tirade. Asked whether there was truth in the rumours of a Shannon Briggs clash, Couser was typically forthright; “Yes, let the all the media know about Briggs vs Couser. Just been waiting for three days for Briggs people to sign. Ask Briggs’ camp ‘what the hell is taking so f***ing long?’. I want Briggs’ soul!”

It doesn’t stop there, the quotable puncher is also eager to tackle former champions like Evander Holyfield and Hasim Rahman, not to mention the British heavyweights. Apparently, Couser would like to stick his fist into their brains. “Well I’m wanting Briggs or Holyfield or Rockman. I am begging to sick my fist into one of those guy brains. I want to fight. I am pissed and I want to take their soul. I want to fight in your country as well. Let all the promoters in your country know that I’m Mike Tyson ‘s brother and I want to fight.”

I decided against trying to explain to Cliff that the British heavyweights are involved in an indefinite round robin tourney. But for the record, if you’re reading Matt, Audley, Danny or Michael – Cliff would love to hear from you so he can take your soul. In the meantime, a battle of the erratic journeyman (Couser) and the erratic contender (Briggs) could prove interesting.

To contextualise the significance of the victory over Barrett, in their preceding bouts Barrett went 11 rounds with the then WBA Heavyweight champion Nicolay Valuev, Couser was beaten in two by Rob Calloway. It was a genuine upset.

Defeating Briggs would exceed it though.

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