An Apology To Crawford Grimsley

I was taken to task overnight by Jodi Grimsley, the wife of returning heavyweight Crawford Grimsley, with regard to my flippant remarks about Crawford’s condition and repute as a heavyweight following his withdrawal from the Michael Moorer contest.

Quite rightly, Mrs Grimsley questioned my intent, research and experience on the subject of diverticulitis, the affliction that prevented her husband fighting, and boxing in general. The whole episode was a dose of reality as to the surprising reach of this blog and the random thoughts it covers.

While I maintain the research I undertook was real, albeit superficial, it failed to consider the individuality of the condition and my suggestion it was caused by poor diet was neither helpful or accurate in Crawford’s case, though a medically substantiated cause according to

On reflection the post was far too flippant on the condition, but was posted without knowledge of just how serious Crawford’s condition was. A septic abscess could have proven fatal had the surgical intervention not been made when it was. Obviously, a fighter’s health is of paramount importance and had I known how chronic the symptoms and problems were I’m sure I would have commented with more humility.

All of this doesn’t detract from the fact Crawford was far from qualified to represent a challenge for Michael Moorer, a fight fulfilled by veteran journeyman Sedrick Fields in Crawford’s absence, given he hasn’t fought for 5 years and is a chasm beneath Moorer in terms of ability and quality. I think it is this gulf in activity and pedigree added to my frustration at the heavyweight division in general that fueled my disdain in the post rather than the specific targeting of Crawford.

However, all that aside, Crawford is a man who steps between the ropes – something I’ve never done – and deserved more grace and respect than I afforded him and for that I apologise unreservedly.

In the meantime, I wish Crawford a swift recovery from the surgery he underwent yesterday, March 16th.

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  1. Hey Crawford,
    I’m not sure if you remember me but i was Steve D’france’s stepson. I just wanted to say that I wish you and your family the best of luck. Stay strong brother!

    – Danny Straub


  2. Maybe Crawford should fight you Billy Roberts, im sure he would break some records for the quickest KO with you.


  3. Dear Jodi,

    I’m delighted to hear Crawford is doing well and my thanks for your visit and the update.

    Keep me up to date with developments and Crawford’s intentions.



  4. David, I am sorry for the long delay in returning your email. As I’m sure you will understand I have been a bit busy of late. It’s just now that I am returning some of the many well wishers notes and emials. I wanted to make it a special point to return your. First let me start by saying thank you for your well wishes and your apology. I have always admired anyone who can admit when they are wrong or miss informed. Second I want you to know that after three very long and pain filled months Crawford is on the mend and hopefully will soon be given the OK to start “training” again, for what we’re not sure even if it’s just to help the mending process. Whether or not he will ever get back in the ring only he can decide, as always I will stand behind what ever decision he makes. As for the fight I have to agree with him that no matter the out come of the fight between Moore and Grimsley I am sure it would have been at the very least a much better show then the one that took place that night. Moore looked sloppy and not really serious about the fight. I can assure you all that Crawford was ready and quite serious. So if the opportunity ever arises again for the two of them to step in the ring as combtitans, I for one will be there to cheer along with all of the other boxing fans. If anyone wishes to contact Crawford you can do so at

    Best Regards,
    Jodi K Grimsley


  5. I’ve tried contacting Crawford but to no avail, I presume he’s now fully mended – whether he will fight again, I’m not entirely sure. But I wish him well in the mean time.


  6. Was looking forward to Crawford getting back into the ring to see if he can break his record on fastest knockout. LOL Just kidding. David, don’t know if you know how to get in touch with Crawford. If you do, please pass along my e-mail to him, he will definitely want it.


  7. Heey even if this guy doesn’t like me as a boxer i have to respect him. By the way it would have been a heel of a lot more exciting fight with me rather than Sedrick Fields. However it ended up!!


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