Pirates of the Injin Chi

PiratesAt one time or another we’ve all been bewildered by the actions of the various sanctioning bodies; from the acceptance of Eddie Croft as a challenger to Erik Morales, to the promotion of deceased fighters in monthly rankings, not to mention the creation of spurious interim, inter-continental and emeritus belts to help ensure every fighter, young or old, good or bad has the chance to possess one at one time or another.

Andy Warhol would have nodded knowingly were he around today. However, it is rare for sanctioning bodies to cause confusion merely by releasing a press statement. Just who transcribed and translated the following release pertaining to the retirement of former WBC Featherweight champion Injin Chi needs a cold shower and a thesaurus.

The World Boxing Council has received a note containing that former Featherweight World Champion INJIN CHI had announced his retirement from professional boxing and his entrance to K1 in South Korea, in order to set himself up for MMA fights, fact that would indicate both, a piracy act and a direct action against professional boxing and against the World Boxing Council. The WBC invites the involved parts to clear up this situation, because if the news are officially confirmed. They will mean an intolerable direct intromission and an invitation for our organism to take strict defense measurements. Our President Dr. Jose Sulaiman Chagnon is directly communicating with the WBC Board of Governors and the South Korea Boxing Commission, to study the necessary measurements.”

Now far be it from me to mock an attempt to converse in a second language, I’m still wrestling with English, but to describe Chi’s defection to MMA is an act of “piracy” is plain ridiculous. Not to mention the “intolerable direct intromission and an invitation for our organism to take strict defense”.

Say what? I don’t suppose the barely concealed irony will be lost on cynical boxing fans who’ve witnessed the activities of the numerous sanctioning bodies over the past twenty years.

To read the full release about Chi’s adventures on the high seas on the WBC website, click here.

5 thoughts on “Pirates of the Injin Chi

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  1. There is a lot of money to be made joining the circus. (no, not Kerry Packers World Series Cricket)

    60,000 fans at the Tokyo Dome paying on average $100 a seat and advertising income that is the envy of every other sports organization in the world

    No brainer, isn’t it?

    Its Kick Boxing, not MMA by the way, he’s just switching from Union to League

    good on ‘im too


  2. Am I right in saying that Oscar Larios just fought (snd lost, of course) for full WBC recognition, not for the interim belt?

    I didnt realise Chi was still the reinging champion. So how on earth can they justify this nonsense, when not only does he have the God given right to do as he pleases, but he doesnt even hold their championship?


  3. Yes, and I’m sure they would refuse to take any sanctioning fees from him upon his return to boxing, and of course they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of making him a “champion emeritus” while he competes in another sport. And it goes without saying the chance to create an “interim champ” while they “study the necessary measurements” won’t have even crossed their minds.


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