Smoking Gun – James Oyebola Shot

BoxershadowFew fighters cut a more imposing figure than 6-9 former British Heavyweight champion James Oyebola, described as a ‘true gent’ by those who knew him, but the 47 year old is nevertheless fighting for his life having been shot in the face in a seemingly innocuous night club incident yesterday.

The altercation that preceded the shooting appears to have surrounded Oyebola’s request to a group of men to refrain from smoking in the club; smoking in confined public spaces became illegal on July 1st in the UK. A request which appears to have incited the recipient to act under the entirely ludicrous and shameful premise of ‘being disrespected’, an unfortunate theme of the subversive culture precipitating needless crimes like this.

Events like this, whether connected to boxing or not, continue to shock the British public as a rash of gun related events have grabbed the headlines in the past year. Increasingly, guns and knives appear the latest fashion accessory for certain age and social groups and althoughthe media arguably nurture the fear these crimes engender, there is no escaping the cold reality of statistics. This kind of thing is happening more and more.

Gun crime is rising in Britain, and even giant former boxers cannot fend off bullets.

The Times carries a comprehensive article on the story and sadly reports James may already be clinically dead. Click here to read the article.

My thoughts and prayers go to his family.


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11 thoughts on “Smoking Gun – James Oyebola Shot

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  1. This is horrific, my hubby is a big fan of boxing and the thought that another brother is gone from us, not for being rude, or drugs, or even breaking any laws, just asking that a simple law be respected. He ends up dying for his statement. Makes you become cold and heartless as the perps are.
    so so sorry……


  2. I pray for Mr James Oyebola, his family and friends.
    In times like this the world looks very ugly. and unjust.
    Please accept my condolences.


  3. Terrible, prays go out for James and his family. These thugs must be caught and punished for their henious crime. Pure wickedness totally cowardly.


  4. I don’t know James personally but I admire him as a fellow brother who has made good of his life.It is really difficult to think that one would want to earn respect by shooting a fellow brother,my heart bleeds and whenever those excuse for a human being savages are caught please god let the punishment fit the crime.We love you James and my prayers goes out to you and a word to my fellow countrymen;we are our worst enimies


  5. To seek to kill somebody over something as utterly pathetic as this just turns my stomach.

    It sounds like a lost cause, but I hope James can make some kind of recovery.

    Let’s hope the perpetrator is caught quickly and has the respect he is seeking BEATEN into him in jail by somebody of James’ size.


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