Carousing Couser Stuns Barrett

CouserAs a fan and writer with a long standing love-hate relationship with professional journeyman I was delighted to see veteran warhorse Cliff Couser deliver the victory and performance of his career by knocking out Monte Barrett – a previously sturdy and pedigree heavyweight. OK, so pedigree affords him more gravitas than his career merited but you catch the drift. Couser is a professional loser, that’s his job, his mandate. But something went horribly right on Friday.

In stopping Barrett in two, Couser surpassed the comparative achievements of Nikolay Valuev and Wladimir Klitschko who defeated the 36 year old in 11 and 7 rounds respectively, and in doing so Couser improved his record to 26-12-2 (14). Barrett surely reaches the end of the line as a leading contender. He’d be a tough sell now, even in these fractured times. For context, in the fight preceding this one Couser was stopped in two by Rob Calloway and before that in one by Michael Moorer. He’s bucked a trend.

Cliff Couser has been a regular contributor on the forums in recent months, desperatley trying to secure paydays. A curious medium for a well know ‘opponent’ to follow but by paradox he may now find the phone rings even less. Nobody could predict such a dramatic sea-change in fortunes for the circuit regular. I wish him well with his new found fame and credibility. I hope he can capitalise on it in the months ahead. carried this report on Saturday, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Carousing Couser Stuns Barrett

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  1. cliff couser looking to fight Briggs or Rahman and anyone out of the top 20 i will ko. email me is u know anyone that will like to get there HVYweight ko’d


  2. Apparently he’s being considered for Rahman next. Rahman is better than Barrett on paper, but has a worse chin, so not unthinkable Couser could score another upset.


  3. Wouldnt it be great if he came to the UK to fight our guys… Although I doubt Mr Warren would want him anywhere near his HW’s, and then who else is there?


  4. Couser literally fears no man, and this can work one of two ways. Usually, it means he doesn’t give good opponents the respect they deserve and therefore doesn’t have a gameplan, leading to defeat. But sometimes, just sometimes, it works in his favour – by not caring about his opponent’s reputation, he throws caution to the wind and hits the jackpot. I don’t think this result necessarily heralds the start of better things in Couser’s career, but it is a reminder he is not to be taken lightly – and it couldn’t have come at a better time, given his recent form.


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