Molitor Cocktail

Canadian FlagCanadian FlagI was delighted to hear that the promoter of Canada’s undiscovered gem Steve Molitor, plans to project the accomplished IBF Super-Bantamweight to the world. And even more interesting is the unfamiliar twist on the traditional promotional path they’re planning. His next defence, presuming he beats Ndluvo at the weekend, will be held in the war-torn wilds of Afghanistan in front of the brave Canadian troops currently deployed there. Molitor, the nation’s hero, is the aspiration. “Wrapping the kid in the flag”, summarises promoter Allan Tremblay in conversation with the Toronto Sun. Building his Canadian fanbase is they key to building Molitor as an exportable brand.

All very worthy, but Afghanistan? Really. I’ve been looking for the hook. If you take the lead from the seminal overseas bouts dubbed “Thrilla in Manilla” and “Rumble in the Jungle” it hard to know where to go with Kandahar and Kabul.

In the meantime, Molitor faces Takalani Ndlovu, a tough South African who has never been stopped and enters the fight on a run of solid form since dropping down from featherweight, a division he disappointingly lost twice to vintage contender Vuyani Bungu on narrow points decisions in. The fight, like most of Molitor’s career has escaped the media spotlight but Molitor’s quality can’t be subdued for very much longer.

And there are some mouth-watering contests at the 122 pound limit should Molitor pursue them.

Read an excellent article on Molitor by the Toronto Sun by clicking here

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  1. I’ll be surprised if the Afghan jaunt comes off. How many times over the years have we heard promoters talk of staging big fights in exotic destinations, which then come to nothing? Immediately off the top of my head, we have heard of international stars competing in the UAE, Nigeria, Malaysia, Congo, Hong Kong etc, and none of them came off.

    Nice touch if it does happen, but I’m not holding my breath.


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