Crystal Ball: Ray Austin Falls

CrystalMy thanks to Oliver Fennell for drawing attention to my idle suggestion that mediocre American Ray Austin could unseat Wladimir Klitschko last weekend, a prediction roughly in line, in terms of stunning stupidity, with my suggestion Clifford Etienne could outwork and and outlast Mike Tyson a year or two ago. Oliver, who now writes for Ben Carey’s website is a long-standing contact from our dual residency at Proof if proof were needed that association with failed heavyweights needn’t preclude success as a writer.

Knowing greater attention than the 50 regulars to this site, yes 50, will be afforded to my lazy musings on here brings its own pbligations and perils. And don’t think I will one day return the favour young Mr. Fennell.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oliver says:

    Better to be there before they fail than after. Any truth in the rumour has offered you a job?

  2. David Payne says:

    I start Monday.

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