Donny Lad! Bull Gets Khan Job

BullStefy Bull is a fighter I’ve been trying to get an interview with for a while, obviously I didn’t try hard enough, given I’ve had it on my to do list for about four years. Finally, and by complete coincidence our paths crossed last week on, home to the some of the weird and wonderful inhabitants of boxing’s forum underworld – though I remain certain one or two are from an entirely different planet – and Stefy relayed his willingness to organise something.  Before you get excited and click ‘more’ in the hope of reading Bull’s inner most thoughts, don’t – the interview hasn’t happened yet. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Continue reading “Donny Lad! Bull Gets Khan Job”


Calzaghe: A Year On From Lacy

CalzagheOn the cusp of his American coronation against game Contender Peter Manfredo on April 7th, Joe Calzaghe has been reflecting on the year that has elapsed since he emerged from the debris of his long tenure as WBO Super-Middleweight champion, and all the mediocrity that attracts, to beat Jeff Lacy. In conversation with the Wales On Sunday, and available through, Calzaghe is clearly keen to still bask in the glow of that victory but is growing more earnest and pragmatic regarding the disrespect that preceded his vault into the pound-for-pound debate.

Continue reading “Calzaghe: A Year On From Lacy”

Welterweight Is Where The Party Is Ricky

SevenThe lunacy of Ricky Hatton’s recent career direction was further highlighted during the past seven days as the elite opponents he seeks to add ‘meat’ to the ‘skeleton’ of his victory over Kostya Tszyu two years ago continues to be gobbled up by the draw of the Welterweight division. Ironic considering Hatton’s 2006 conclusion that a move to 147lbs to pursue Floyd Mayweather and make the big fights was the only route forward. Continue reading “Welterweight Is Where The Party Is Ricky”

Boxing Holds It’s Breath: Burgos Hospitalised

BurgosThe news Victor Burgos, one of a long line of glorious Mexican fighters, had emergency brain surgery to remove a clot and ease swelling following his clubbing defeat to Vic Darchinyan this weekend caused the boxing community to hold it’s collective breath. Disaster is always one punch away in boxing and though everyone involved consents to the risk the sport is always scrutinised when a fighter is hospitalised. Continue reading “Boxing Holds It’s Breath: Burgos Hospitalised”

Despite Victory Introspection Beckons For Williams

DannyWWhether victory over Welshman Scott Gammer for the British Heavyweight title proves to be the final chapter in the colourful career of the 33 year old Londoner remains to be seen. Even in victory Danny was typically unsure of his future commitment to the sport and will take time to assess his options beyond his latest reign as British champion. For Gammer, his pedestrian potential has surely been exhausted now and declining the £100,000 payday offered to fight Audley Harrison two months ago doesn’t look quite the astute choice manager Paul Boyce assured everyone it was. Continue reading “Despite Victory Introspection Beckons For Williams”

McGuigan Takes the Fight to UFC

barryI’ve written a thought or two on the emergence of UFC as a threat to boxing’s place in the hearts and minds of British sports fans and with some substance, they get so much right in their organisation and promotion. Much of which was learned from the flaws currently suffocating boxing. However, boxing has an articulate defender in Barry McGuigan, the former Featherweight champion, who in today’s Daily Mirror made the most lucid defence of boxing and unraveled many of the myths that surround UFC recent success. It is a heartening read for beleaguered boxing fans. Continue reading “McGuigan Takes the Fight to UFC”

So can anyone stop Valuev?

ValuevRocky Marciano’s hasty retirement, still unbeaten in 49 contests, following the victory over Archie Moore, a fight in which he was floored, created one of the world’s greatest and most long-standing sporting landmarks. The closest anyone has come to surpassing the Rock’s pristine benchmark was in the early eighties when Larry Holmes, who once suggested Marciano wasn’t fit to carry his jock strap, came within one points decision of equalling the marker. Until of course, a Russian giant appeared on the heavyweight landscape. Continue reading “So can anyone stop Valuev?”

Who Do You Think Your Are Kidding Mr.Kipling?

DannyI often state that boxing can no longer surprise me. As a keen observer of the sport for a number of years its hard to believe boxing could throw up an event or news story that could shock me. The sanctioning bodies and promoters have exhausted every plausible manoeuvre to further their own bank accounts, every unexpected fight outcome has been seen before and no judge or referee’s decision could sink lower than those already catalogued in my time following the sweet science.

Continue reading “Who Do You Think Your Are Kidding Mr.Kipling?”

ESPN Classic: The Downfall of Iron Mike

BertI’ve highlighted the availability of some classic archive footage on SKY channel 442 before so I wont keep you too long. Just a brief note to remind British readers – both of you – that the excellent ESPN Classic channel is showcasing Mike Tyson at 6.30pm GMT tonight. Experts will try to establish the factors behind his protracted demise from the most fearsome fighter of the eighties to a tabloid curiosity by the nineties. Continue reading “ESPN Classic: The Downfall of Iron Mike”

The Fighter: Micky Ward Story Latest

ScorseseIn the embryonic early days of this blog, no single post has generated the level of interest created by the news Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are to co-star in the story of Micky Ward’s life. Certainly, boxing at the movies – or the pictures as those of us of a certain demographic refer to them – is hot news following the success of Million Dollar Baby, Rocky and Cinderella Man but it is possible The Fighter may just prove the greatest formula of all. Continue reading “The Fighter: Micky Ward Story Latest”

Herbie, Herbie, Herbie. Will You Ever Learn?

HerbieFormer WBO Heavyweight champion Herbie Hide continued his promotional merry-go-round this week, a ride that has taken him across the Atlantic to no real affect and back to Europe and the one-time dynamite young puncher is no nearer actually facing an opponent. Earlier this week Arena Box-Promotion announced it had signed Hide, alongside a host of Cuban defectors to its German based stable. At last, Hide had found a home for his supposed return as a Cruiserweight, a division more suited to his cocktail of heavy punching and glass jaw.

Sadly, the release was a touch premature. Continue reading “Herbie, Herbie, Herbie. Will You Ever Learn?”

The Viral Spread of UFC

Old-timeA brief note to record my bemusement at the growing trend to feature news, interviews and previews on UFC and MMA events on boxing websites. Maxboxing, TheSweetscience (RIP) and BoxingTalk have all committed this particular crime and the reach is spreading. Is boxing so devoid of  charisma or the tools required to reach out for the younger audience that it needs to steal goodwill from the aspiring fight code? Continue reading “The Viral Spread of UFC”

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