Herbie, Herbie, Herbie. Will You Ever Learn?

HerbieFormer WBO Heavyweight champion Herbie Hide continued his promotional merry-go-round this week, a ride that has taken him across the Atlantic to no real affect and back to Europe and the one-time dynamite young puncher is no nearer actually facing an opponent. Earlier this week Arena Box-Promotion announced it had signed Hide, alongside a host of Cuban defectors to its German based stable. At last, Hide had found a home for his supposed return as a Cruiserweight, a division more suited to his cocktail of heavy punching and glass jaw.

Sadly, the release was a touch premature.

Former, or should that read, current promoters Lion Heart Productions yesterday announced that Herbie had acted without their consent and hadn’t secured release from the existing contract with them. Promoter Edward Mendy, as reported by Fight News, stated:

“After screwing us around for months, Hide now thinks he can go sign with another promoter and that we will just grin and bear it,” said Mendy. “It just does not work like that. Mr. Hide has picked on the wrong guys this time. While Lion Heart usually does everything to avoid a fight, Lion Heart definitely always defends our itself at all times and will do what it needs to do to protect its contractual interests. Hide could have walked away with no strings attached, if he wanted to do things right. Hide has three legal rational choices: (1) retire, (2) honor his contract with Lion Heart, or (3) secure a proper release. Alternatively, he can involve himself in a lengthy and drawn out litigation and thereby consume the little time he has left in his career. If Mr. Hide chose to involve himself in another controversial breakup and perhaps burn his bridges, yet again, we will be more than happy to oblige him.”

More than a hint of sarcasm in the tone there and a damning reference to Herbie’s colourful if at times pugilistically, is that a word? (its a blog not The Times!), uneventful career. Just find an opponent and make a fight Herbie.

I’d start with the winner of Mark Hobson and Buster Keeton, a fight I believe is on the horizon. Better be careful how many people I tell about my proposal or Herbie will be claiming he’s signed with Boxing Writer Promotions. And nobody wants to see that.

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