ESPN Classic: The Downfall of Iron Mike

BertI’ve highlighted the availability of some classic archive footage on SKY channel 442 before so I wont keep you too long. Just a brief note to remind British readers – both of you – that the excellent ESPN Classic channel is showcasing Mike Tyson at 6.30pm GMT tonight. Experts will try to establish the factors behind his protracted demise from the most fearsome fighter of the eighties to a tabloid curiosity by the nineties. Continue reading “ESPN Classic: The Downfall of Iron Mike”

The Fighter: Micky Ward Story Latest

ScorseseIn the embryonic early days of this blog, no single post has generated the level of interest created by the news Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are to co-star in the story of Micky Ward’s life. Certainly, boxing at the movies – or the pictures as those of us of a certain demographic refer to them – is hot news following the success of Million Dollar Baby, Rocky and Cinderella Man but it is possible The Fighter may just prove the greatest formula of all. Continue reading “The Fighter: Micky Ward Story Latest”

Herbie, Herbie, Herbie. Will You Ever Learn?

HerbieFormer WBO Heavyweight champion Herbie Hide continued his promotional merry-go-round this week, a ride that has taken him across the Atlantic to no real affect and back to Europe and the one-time dynamite young puncher is no nearer actually facing an opponent. Earlier this week Arena Box-Promotion announced it had signed Hide, alongside a host of Cuban defectors to its German based stable. At last, Hide had found a home for his supposed return as a Cruiserweight, a division more suited to his cocktail of heavy punching and glass jaw.

Sadly, the release was a touch premature. Continue reading “Herbie, Herbie, Herbie. Will You Ever Learn?”

The Viral Spread of UFC

Old-timeA brief note to record my bemusement at the growing trend to feature news, interviews and previews on UFC and MMA events on boxing websites. Maxboxing, TheSweetscience (RIP) and BoxingTalk have all committed this particular crime and the reach is spreading. Is boxing so devoid of  charisma or the tools required to reach out for the younger audience that it needs to steal goodwill from the aspiring fight code? Continue reading “The Viral Spread of UFC”

Cotto Staying Busy Against Urkal

OktayMiguel Cotto could never be criticised for inactivity. A busy champion who fights three or four times a year and is willing to face whatever mandatory opponent sanctioning bodies demand is a rarity in the modern world. However, one wonders whether his next fight, against European veteran Oktay Urkal, is just one obligation too many. Continue reading “Cotto Staying Busy Against Urkal”

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