So can anyone stop Valuev?

ValuevRocky Marciano’s hasty retirement, still unbeaten in 49 contests, following the victory over Archie Moore, a fight in which he was floored, created one of the world’s greatest and most long-standing sporting landmarks. The closest anyone has come to surpassing the Rock’s pristine benchmark was in the early eighties when Larry Holmes, who once suggested Marciano wasn’t fit to carry his jock strap, came within one points decision of equalling the marker. Until of course, a Russian giant appeared on the heavyweight landscape. Continue reading “So can anyone stop Valuev?”

Who Do You Think Your Are Kidding Mr.Kipling?

DannyI often state that boxing can no longer surprise me. As a keen observer of the sport for a number of years its hard to believe boxing could throw up an event or news story that could shock me. The sanctioning bodies and promoters have exhausted every plausible manoeuvre to further their own bank accounts, every unexpected fight outcome has been seen before and no judge or referee’s decision could sink lower than those already catalogued in my time following the sweet science.

Continue reading “Who Do You Think Your Are Kidding Mr.Kipling?”

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