Burgos Out of Induced Coma

Burgos2Just to cover all those boxing fans that proclaimed their love and concern for Victor Burgos, who suffered bleeding on the brain and a clot following his defeat to Vic Darchinyan, but then immediately forgot and neglected the fallen Mexican once they clicked on, I’ve dug around on one or two sites, but not in a Ron Borges way – can you believe that story? – to find out what happened next. In truth, I’d forgotten for a day or two too. Making others feel bad eased my guilt.

However, back to Burgos.

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Under the Radar; Barney to Face Bute

ButeFew fighters unify boxing fans like Matthew Barney. Before I explain why, it’s firstly important to point out that I instinctively recoil from sharing the thinking of the masses. I like holding a contrary view. Sometimes it sets you aside as a voice of wisdom other times it is a compulsion that leads you to suggest Clifford Etienne could stop Mike Tyson late. So as a state of mind or ethos, it is a flawed position. The majority cannot always be wrong is the lesson these experiences teach me. However, on the subject of Matthew Barney I think they are. Because, you see, boxing fans simply don’t like Matthew Barney.

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Higher Napa, Higher Napa

SimoneDiminutive scrapper Ian Napa has battled against his physical limitations of height and a lack of natural pop his entire career. Relying on his rolling style to avert the heavier punches of his opponents and allow him to land his classy combinations. If only he had a little snap in those shots he could be a genuine contender. Ifs, buts and maybes don’t win belts and against Italian Simone Maludrottu he faces a European champion of substance and with a nice line in fortunate decisions. A gift Napa has never enjoyed. Continue reading “Higher Napa, Higher Napa”

Come Back and Finish What You Started

Don’t leave me hanging on, hanging on. As the song goes.

On Saturday night Runcorn veteran Robin Reid returns to competitive action against Jesse Brinkley, the former Contender contestant, on the Newcastle bill that pits British fighters against Contender series fighters later this month. It hurts me to describe the former WBC World Champion as a veteran, mainly because it reminds me that the first generation of fighters to whom I gravitated as a younger fan are all but retired – Lewis, Benn, Prince Naseem, Watson, my beloved Herol, ‘Sweet C’ McMillan they’re all gone.

This fight now represents the last hurrah for the 36-year-old as he seeks to squeeze either paydays or meaning from the last embers of his career.

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Donny Lad! Bull Gets Khan Job

BullStefy Bull is a fighter I’ve been trying to get an interview with for a while, obviously I didn’t try hard enough, given I’ve had it on my to do list for about four years. Finally, and by complete coincidence our paths crossed last week on doghouseboxing.com, home to the some of the weird and wonderful inhabitants of boxing’s forum underworld – though I remain certain one or two are from an entirely different planet – and Stefy relayed his willingness to organise something.  Before you get excited and click ‘more’ in the hope of reading Bull’s inner most thoughts, don’t – the interview hasn’t happened yet. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Continue reading “Donny Lad! Bull Gets Khan Job”

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