The Reach of The Rocky Franchise

rOCKY ivI doubt any promotional move employing themes and connections from the Rocky series is likely to surprise anyone in 2007 given the success of the latest installment and the fact it offers leverage with editors and casual fans for bored publicists and promoters. Announcing Shannon Briggs will defend his title in Moscow against Sultan Ibragimov didn’t surprise me, and though the Russian’s presumably worked hard to secure home advantage Briggs is brash and confident enough to see the upside of travelling.

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PR: Caballero Looks To Unification


Fresh off his seventh consecutive victory, four of which have come in world title fights, WBA Super Bantamweight Champion, Celestino Caballero is hunting for some bigger game at 122 pounds as he looks to unify the World Title. Continue reading “PR: Caballero Looks To Unification”

O2 Have a New Boxing Venue In London

DomeA cash and sporting asset rich American consortium is part of the driving force behind the refit of the Millennium Dome this summer that will see the much maligned big tent re-emerge as a indoor arena capable of seating 23,000 spectators. The owners have stakes in a raft of major American sports teams and it strikes me as a glorious venue for elite boxing in the UK, rivalling the MEN arena in Manchester which, by coincidence is owned by the same company. Hatton v Witter at the Millennium Dome? Go on Ricky you know you want to.

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Who’s On First? Yep, Who’s on First. Holdsworth Howler

LaughInstances of boxing commentators making you laugh, and I mean full on guffaw, are few and far between. There was the time Glen McCrory, in a statement borne out of an affinity with his old sparring partner and instruction from the paymaster for whom he was speaking, believed Mike Tyson could “turn back the clock for one night only” before being pummelled from pillar to post by Lennox Lewis and there was also the time Adam Smith showed a video of Jawaid Khaliq to Vernon Forrest who opted to fight Shane Mosley rather than the Nottingham taxi driver. Last night, in the deeper shadows of Eurosport, Steve Holdsworth and Bob Mee had me spitting out my late night cornflakes.

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