The Fighter: Micky Ward Story Latest

ScorseseIn the embryonic early days of this blog, no single post has generated the level of interest created by the news Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg are to co-star in the story of Micky Ward’s life. Certainly, boxing at the movies – or the pictures as those of us of a certain demographic refer to them – is hot news following the success of Million Dollar Baby, Rocky and Cinderella Man but it is possible The Fighter may just prove the greatest formula of all.

Combining Hollywood’s flair for the dramatic with the exceptional achievements of Micky Ward and his half-brother and trainer Dicky Ecklund is a compelling pitch. Add the talents of Damon and Wahlberg, two of the film industry’s emerging powerhouses and the anticipation fights fans feel is understandable.

The always excellent, the On-Line Movie database, suggest the film is in pre-production and scheduled for a 2009 release but deep down in the preview of the film, it reports the two actors – who apparently own the rights to the film – have both asked Martin Scorcese to direct. Given his ability and attention to detail he would be the ideal steer for the project and add even more to the levels of expectation. 

And who could forget Raging Bull.

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