Double You B Who?

WBUBritish terrestrial network ITV returned to professional boxing two years ago with the happy mantra of focusing on meaningful fights. Research had told them of the frustration and misconception the plethora of meaningless belts had caused. SKY TV, no longer committed to Frank Warren’s Sports Network group, also publicly announced that the previous acceptable notion of WBU, WBF, IBO (and others) title belts being required to make fights worthwhile was now extinguished and only ‘proper’ English, British, Commonwealth, European and World Title contests would be considered for broadcast. Hallelujah. Continue reading “Double You B Who?”

M’Baye Survives a Squeeky One

KotelnikFrench WBA LightWelterweight title holder Souleymane M’Baye survived an absorbing contest last night, emerging from his bout with Andreas Kotelnik with a contentious draw that preserved his status as the champion. The fight, broadly defined by Kotelnik’s superior aggression and volume of punches and M’Baye back-foot counter-punching and thudding right hand, was an enjoyable spectacle. As result, few ripples will be felt in the 140 pound division; M’Baye remains a mile away from a shot at Ricky Hatton while ever Frank Warren remains in control of his career.

Continue reading “M’Baye Survives a Squeeky One”

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