Donny Lad! Bull Gets Khan Job

BullStefy Bull is a fighter I’ve been trying to get an interview with for a while, obviously I didn’t try hard enough, given I’ve had it on my to do list for about four years. Finally, and by complete coincidence our paths crossed last week on, home to the some of the weird and wonderful inhabitants of boxing’s forum underworld – though I remain certain one or two are from an entirely different planet – and Stefy relayed his willingness to organise something.  Before you get excited and click ‘more’ in the hope of reading Bull’s inner most thoughts, don’t – the interview hasn’t happened yet. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

As a fellow Doncastrian, or Donny Lad to give the descriptive its more common coloquilism, Bull is a fighter of natural interest because of those shared roots. And for my part at least, that creates some sort of inherent bond. The truth of course is that kinship is a figment of my imagination and merely a manifestation of my longing for the more honest workmanlike skies of Yorkshire than the pink houses and sloppy beer of my current Suffolk residence.

However, with full time responsibilities to fulfil I didn’t seize the moment and snatch the interview that would have probably enabled me to secure the then exclusive news that the once retired former Area Champion had been offered the boxing equivalent of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Stefy Bull v Amir Khan had been made and presents the 30 year old with a lucrative reason to come out of retirement and the opportunity to etch his name into boxing and Doncaster folk lore if he can beat the Bolton starlet. A classic War of The Roses to boot. Brilliant.

I simply hope he does himself and the town proud.

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