Despite Victory Introspection Beckons For Williams

DannyWWhether victory over Welshman Scott Gammer for the British Heavyweight title proves to be the final chapter in the colourful career of the 33 year old Londoner remains to be seen. Even in victory Danny was typically unsure of his future commitment to the sport and will take time to assess his options beyond his latest reign as British champion. For Gammer, his pedestrian potential has surely been exhausted now and declining the £100,000 payday offered to fight Audley Harrison two months ago doesn’t look quite the astute choice manager Paul Boyce assured everyone it was. Continue reading “Despite Victory Introspection Beckons For Williams”

McGuigan Takes the Fight to UFC

barryI’ve written a thought or two on the emergence of UFC as a threat to boxing’s place in the hearts and minds of British sports fans and with some substance, they get so much right in their organisation and promotion. Much of which was learned from the flaws currently suffocating boxing. However, boxing has an articulate defender in Barry McGuigan, the former Featherweight champion, who in today’s Daily Mirror made the most lucid defence of boxing and unraveled many of the myths that surround UFC recent success. It is a heartening read for beleaguered boxing fans. Continue reading “McGuigan Takes the Fight to UFC”

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