Bah-Bah. Following The Flock

Evander 2Many articles have been written on whether veteran heavyweight Evander Holyfield should still be fighting, I know because I’ve penned one or two of them. One article for concluded that although Holyfield was very obviously a life-time removed from his prime, nor ever likely to secure the fifth heavyweight title he proclaims to need to retire content he had every right to continue punching in. Of course, the small caveat to this thesis was I had no intention of watching him try. Continue reading “Bah-Bah. Following The Flock”

The Weekend Long-Shot

CuckooI thoroughly enjoyed the laughter that surrounded my Ray Austin to win prediction last week, I countered those who berated me for the ridiculousness of the claim that it was merely a slow news day and I enjoy being contrary. However, I think I might make it a weekly feature. So this week I’ve scanned through the upcoming fixtures and found my long-shot, I’ll make a vague and shaky case for the prediction and then enjoy the sycophantic praise if it comes off and laugh off the derision if it doesn’t.

Continue reading “The Weekend Long-Shot”

A Real Champion; Jake LaMotta to Speak in Wiltshire

LaMottaThe after dinner speaking circuit for boxing’s present and former champions is currently enjoying a roaring trade. Most notably, the charity event arranged by Nigel Benn’s agent Kevin Leushing – himself no mug between the ropes – for Gerald McClellan the most conspicuous example of the demand for these evenings. Regulars on the circuit include Ricky Hatton, Joe Frazier and Roberto Duran who have all had big evenings advertised. And all are worthy attractions. But to me, next months’ tour by former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta is a particularly special occasion. Continue reading “A Real Champion; Jake LaMotta to Speak in Wiltshire”

Links In Alphabetical Order

DonutsJust in case anyone is curious, the websites featured as links on the right handside are placed in alphabetical order and do not reflect the personal preferences of the author. This blog cannot be held responsible for the content of those sites, or for that matter the people you may encounter upon them. You have been warned.

Barney Out; Bika In

Bute2Lucian Bute is clearly no fool. Having accepted Matthew Barney as an opponent for a tune up ahead of his world-title eliminator it looks like the Romanian born puncher then followed the discipline of researching Barney’s career to date. Videotapes of Barney’s style will not have made pleasant viewing. Awkward, slippery, resilient and accustomed to fighting as the opponent and on occasion at 175lbs. Barney was not a fan fight, he isn’t an easy fight and in the end he was a fight Bute didn’t need. Continue reading “Barney Out; Bika In”

There is unlucky, and then there is Johnny Tapia

TapiaJust to conclude the updates on fallen former champion Johnny Tapia, he was released from hospital yesterday 3 days after his cocaine overdose. The 40 year old is yet to be informed of the deaths of his brother-in-law and 23 year old nephew who died while driving to the hospital to see him. Police report they’re are investigating the possibility that the two men had been drinking as empty bottles were found at the crash scene. For a person who wrestles daily with the demons of guilt and insecurity, the news will surely be difficult to absorb. Continue reading “There is unlucky, and then there is Johnny Tapia”

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