Infamy, infamy. They’ve All Got it Infamy

MoorerNews Crawford Grimsley, the flamboyantly named but workman heavyweight, has been forced to pull out of his clash with former champion Michael Moorer was met with sobs from the three ticket holders eager to see the monumental encounter. They were all soon placated when Sedrick Fields was named as the replacement to ensure the mediocrity and flab promised would be delivered. I’ve decided I’m no good at satire, I know you’d reached that conclusion weeks ago.

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What do jer maine Mora’s out?

MoraAccording to the always swift SecondsOut, and it’s a great site when the topic isn’t Roman Greenberg, Sergio Mora has pulled out of the forthcoming clash with undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor because of fears the proximity of Memphis to Taylor’s home town could affect his chances of winning. Personally, I would think the fact Mora is about two leagues below Taylor in terms of class, power, ability and experience would provide all the problems Mora needs. The fight could be in Mora’s living room for all the difference it would make to the outcome. Continue reading “What do jer maine Mora’s out?”

And We Wonder Why; Jennings World-Title Shot?

BullshitFor those boxing fans so blinkered to the failings of the sport,those mystified as to why more sports fans don’t gravitate toward boxing and those unable to understand why the mainstream media isno longer fascinated by the noble art, a quick review of today’s Chorley Guardian will provide all the explanation needed. According to the chirpy local correspondent, Michael Jennings a fighter beaten by Young Muttley for the British title, and swatted around the ring by Bradley Pryce before that, is fighting for a ‘World-Title’ in April. Nobody told me?

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Alfonso Gomez: Contender Star

AlfonsoI have to confess, I didn’t follow the second Contender series at all nor did I see the first series through to conclusion. The television schedule was continually changed and I missed key episodes and the fighters’ stories passed me by. However, one fight I did see – and it’s preceding story – was the opener between series favourite Peter Manfredo and baby-faced Mexican Welterweight Alfonso Gomez. It may have been the slow-motion replays or the editing but I fell in love with the game Gomez. Love in the affectionate, platonic sense, but in love all the same. Continue reading “Alfonso Gomez: Contender Star”

Tapia Brother-in-Law Killed on Route to Hospital

vidalocaSurrounded by misfortune and dogged by tragedy, Johnny Tapia will hopefully soon awaken from his latest drug overdose and subsequent hospitalisation. However, his long-term prognosis for contentment will not improved by the news his brother-in-law Robert Gutierrez died in a road-traffic accident whilst en route to the hospital. Continue reading “Tapia Brother-in-Law Killed on Route to Hospital”

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